The Most Shared Financial Blogs 2018

About once a year I’ll post the top Twitter accounts to follow. It’s a fun piece of social media analytics, and I’ll try to do it again later this year, after seeing if I can sidestep Twitter’s efforts to cut me off.

One thing I never did before is post the most popular sites shared by the contributor panel. So here it is, three different ways.

At the bottom is a raw dump of the 1000 most shared sites, with the emphasis on raw. It includes all your most popular mainstream media sites, social media sites like YouTube and Instagram, official government primary sources, service providers, a lot of sites that are not strictly financial blogosphere.

Above that are the sites that most often hit the front page, either via the AI filter or your faithful human editor.

Finally, above that is possibly what’s of most interest to people, which is the 150-odd most shared financial blogs, as filtered by ‘arbitrarily considered by me to be a financial blog.’

I took out the media sites, popular social media platforms, tech blogs, service providers, and left the ones that are primarily economic, financial, market commentary. I tried to not be too arbitrary and filter ‘generally considered to be part of the financial blogosphere but not mainstream media.’ I left out the top tech blogs, but left in Stratechery and Electrek, which are must-read if you follow e.g. Apple and Tesla. I left in some aggregators that are pretty popular in the financial blogosphere but left off others that are maybe less central or closer to mainstream media.

But if you are so inclined, you can peruse the full 1000 most shared and make your own list of favorites to follow or add to your RSS reader.

Thanks to all my friends who make the fin-social-mediasphere still interesting and crazy after all these years, and hope this helps you find some new folks to follow and gain some new fans.

Top 150 Most Shared Financial Blogs

ZeroHedge VOX FiveThirtyEight World Economic Forum Project Syndicate Brookings Marginal Revolution ValueWalk ForexLive Seeking Alpha coindesk PIIE Dealbreaker The Reformed Broker A Wealth Of Common Sense Calculated Risk Bruegel LAWFARE The Big Picture CATO Institute Visual Capitalist Real Investment Advice StockTwits Cointelegraph CityLab The Irrelevant Investor American Economic Association AEI Finextra Research Washington Center for Equitable Growth Royal Economic Society Stumbling and Mumbling Alpha Architect Marc to Market Collaborative Fund AVC FN London Conversable Economist The Incidental Economist EconLog Investopedia Evonomics Pragmatic Capitalism A Dash of Insight Howard Lindzon Economist’s View Benzinga Econbrowser mainly macro Bank Underground Naked Capitalism Bespoke CEPR Stratechery Tax Policy Center Mercatus Center Farnam Street NIESR Economic Policy Institute James Altucher Our World in Data Abnormal Returns The Investor’s Field Guide Breaking Energy DataViz INET Priceonomics The Evidence-Based Investor Noahpinion A Teachable Moment Macro and Other Market Musings EconTalk Meb Faber Jason Zweig CBPP FlowingData Daily Reckoning The Capital Spectator Slate Star Codex Points and Figures CCN Nerd’s Eye View Andreessen Horowitz Above the Market Chris Skinner’s blog Greg Mankiw’s Blog Armstrong Economics Wolf Street FEE Electrek Of Dollars And Data The Grumpy Economist Center For Global Development Tim Harford Niskanen Center 25iq RealClearMarkets TraderFeed Prime Economics EconoSpeak Musings on Markets Pension Partners TabbFORUM Monday Note Benedict Evans Centre for European Reform Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Markets Media Tax Foundation Grist HumbleDollar Worthwhile Canadian Initiative See It Market Trading with The Fly Freakonomics Alt-M Larry Summers Andrew Gelman Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views Mises Institute Atlanta Fed macroblog The Fat Pitch My Trading Buddy Trading Economics AQR Continuations by Albert Wenger On The Economy NewsBTC Fortune Financial The Enlightened Economist Microeconomic Insights IGM Forum Flirting with Models Real-World Economics Review Blog Credit Writedowns Hedgopia longandvariable Random Roger Crossing Wall Street Bronte Capital IIF Supply-Side Liberal Economic Principals Gates Notes Flip Chart Fairy Tales Mish Talk MacroMania globalinequality UK In A Changing Europe Behavior Gap Calafia Beach Pundit asymco Brad DeLong Sinocism True Economics

Top 500 Most Front Page Appearances

Bloomberg New York Times Wall Street Journal Financial Times Washington Post Reuters Vox Politico The Guardian CNBC Business Insider CNN BuzzFeed The Economist Axios Recode BBC The Atlantic Medium New Yorker Quartz MarketWatch The Telegraph Daily Beast NY Post Associated Press The Hill New York Project Syndicate Federal Reserve NBC News Huffington Post The Verge Fortune Vanity Fair Wired A Wealth Of Common Sense Forbes European Union The Reformed Broker TechCrunch LA Times Yahoo ZeroHedge YouTube Slate Foreign Policy The Times SEC The Intercept Marginal Revolution The Independent FiveThirtyEight New York Fed Dealbreaker USA Today The Onion Barron’s mainly macro Vice NBER NPR The Hollywood Reporter PIIE ProPublica Brookings Mail Online The Irrelevant Investor IMF CBS News Gizmodo coindesk Technology Review Variety Stumbling and Mumbling HBR Collaborative Fund Mother Jones A Dash of Insight Time Google Go Visual Capitalist LAWFARE Ars Technica Council On Foreign Relations NY Daily News National Review South China Morning Post ValueWalk Calculated Risk Institutional Investor McClatchy Bank of England Econbrowser Page Six AVC Columbia Journalism Review Talking Points Memo Washington Center for Equitable Growth The White House US DOJ World Economic Forum Stratechery Newsweek Washington Examiner Sky St. Louis Fed ThinkProgress Alpha Architect Boston Globe Digiday Fast Company Economist’s View Bruegel Pragmatic Capitalism Bank Underground Poynter Miami Herald Brad DeLong Conversable Economist Nieman Lab The Information SSRN Fox News ProMarket Gallup LSE Prospect Business Wire Facebook Noahpinion Gawker Rolling Stone Fox Business The Grumpy Economist Morningstar Nikkei Macro and Other Market Musings The Week CBO The New York Review of Books Musings on Markets longandvariable San Francisco Chronicle STAT New Republic Of Dollars And Data Deadspin Fusion VentureBeat Evening Standard BIS Breitbart Pew Research Center ICIJ FactSet Marketplace City A.M International Business Times Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco CityLab ABC News Reason GQ Tim Harford SnappyTV U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Selection Scientific American The Cut Backchannel NY Observer The Spectator ESPN The Motley Fool efinancialcareers Harvard The Investor’s Field Guide Real Investment Advice Haaretz CFA Institute Chicago Tribune The Nation Tax Policy Center Handelsblatt MacroMania PIMCO Talking Biz News Toronto Star Monday Note AQR The Big Picture FN London Naked Capitalism AEI Globe & Mail The Sun Mediaite U. of Oregon Roger Farmer’s Economic Window Mashable Esquire Evonomics Der Spiegel ForexLive Above the Market The Enlightened Economist Deadline The Daily Caller Markit CBC Weekly Standard Meb Faber The Outline US Senate Benedict Evans Seattle Times Slate Star Codex CATO Institute MSNBC The Fat Pitch Instagram The Trade The Mercury News Dallas News CEPR Science globalinequality The Next Web Amazon Atlanta Fed macroblog Breakingviews Mirror Online CBS Local Credit Writedowns Niskanen Center Worthwhile Canadian Initiative Pension Partners The Irish Times InvestmentNews Abnormal Returns Apple Music Philosophy of Money Politico New York Fortune Financial American Banker Centre for European Reform AdvertisingAge CNET INET EconLog Bronte Capital New Statesman BuzzFeed News CFTC Caixin Online The Street Splinter NIESR Vulture 25iq American Economic Association Coppola Comment Moody’s Crooked Timber Baltimore Sun A Teachable Moment The Fiscal Times Chicago Booth Farnam Street LRB blog SFgate Greg Mankiw’s Blog Houston Chronicle The Financial Brand Gartner L2 MIT The Chronicle of Higher Education Palm Beach Post The New York Times Company Jason Zweig Flip Chart Fairy Tales Avondale Asset Management The Evidence-Based Investor GeekWire Marc to Market The Conversation Economic Policy Institute The Federalist Aeon On The Economy SoundCloud Pensions & Investments Larry Summers US Treasury CBPP Stephen Williamson: New Monetarist Economics Chief Investment Officer Office for National Statistics SIRF MailChimp McSweeney’s Internet Tendency Princeton University Carl Icahn Foreign Affairs Le Monde Electrek Crain’s New York Business The Baseline Scenario SI PBS Eater Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Raw Story Behavioral Macro IJR Howard Lindzon Quinnipiac University Washingtonian Alt-M Bespoke TMZ Thomson Reuters Apple News EconoSpeak Streetwise Professor ZDNet Adweek Curbed McKinsey Engadget Electronic Frontier Foundation Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget The Wrap RTÉ Archives Nature Flirting with Models Jezebel Cointelegraph Our World in Data principlesandinterest Seeking Alpha Krebs on Security Just Security Macro Man Stanford Wired UK Microsoft Research The Felder Report NBC New York Andreessen Horowitz Moscow Times azcentral RT International IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Scienc Crain’s Chicago Business Trump For President Tampa Bay Times American Civil Liberties Union Star Tribune Atlanta Fed Teen Vogue Bason Asset Management Hacker Noon TED Media Matters for America Public Pool Quantitative Ease Sacramento Bee The Texas Tribune Business Journals Priceonomics Gates Notes Moneyness Reveal Sydney Morning Herald Roll Call The Brooklyn Investor Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Salon Sü DW.COM The Economist 1843 The Macro Tourist The American Prospect Financial Review The Daily Mash Microeconomic Insights Prime Economics Dallas Fed UK In A Changing Europe CB Insights InFacts Quanta Magazine The Ringer UK Parliament Patreon Richmond Fed 9to5Mac Center For Global Development A Fine Theorem National Geographic EconTalk Periscope Tax Foundation Financial News U.S. Department of State Om Malik Business Radio on Sirius XM Polemic’s Pains charlotteobserver Boston Review Daring Fireball Coinbase IGM Forum Yale The Baffler Wolf Street The Awl The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Google Research The Forward Defense One Boing Boing France 24 @politifact Aleph Blog Economic Principals Hussman Funds DNAinfo Mercatus Center Commentary Maven FINRA CapX Goldman Sachs IBD DIE WELT

Top 1000 Most Shared Sites

Bloomberg New York Times Wall Street Journal Washington Post Financial Times Reuters YouTube The Guardian Politico CNN CNBC BBC Business Insider VOX Medium BuzzFeed The Hill The Atlantic Instagram Yahoo Quartz Associated Press The Economist Forbes Huffington Post New Yorker MarketWatch The Telegraph NY Post Amazon ZeroHedge Axios Fortune LA Times Mail Online Recode Daily Beast The Verge NPR New York NBC News USA Today TechCrunch The Independent Slate Go Apple News Wired European Union Vice Time The Times Google FiveThirtyEight World Economic Forum City A.M Linkis Federal Reserve The Onion South China Morning Post Foreign Policy CBS News Streetinsider Project Syndicate Fox News The Hollywood Reporter Gizmodo NY Daily News MailChimp Vanity Fair NBER SEC Talking Points Memo Barron’s Brookings Entrepreneur Washington Examiner VentureBeat Apple Music Marginal Revolution Variety LSE SoundCloud HBR National Review The Intercept Breitbart Spotify ValueWalk ForexLive Seeking Alpha coindesk Fast Company Mother Jones ThinkProgress The Street SSRN PIIE Periscope IMF ProPublica Dealbreaker Technology Review Mashable Boston Globe St. Louis Fed Digiday Newsweek Ars Technica The Reformed Broker CBS Local The Conversation Mediaite GitHub Chicago Tribune Raw Story ESPN Poynter Columbia Journalism Review Business Wire Nieman Lab The Daily Caller SnappyTV LinkedIn The White House Haaretz Nikkei Deadspin Globe & Mail Salon New Republic Sky The Trade Gawker Pew Research Center New York Fed Mirror Online A Wealth Of Common Sense Scientific American Swarm Rolling Stone Page Six Miami Herald McClatchy Fox Business US Senate Marketplace The Sun CBC Calculated Risk The Irish Times Jezebel Weekly Standard Reason Adweek American Banker Harvard Washington Free Beacon The Week Engadget The Nation Bruegel Fusion US DOJ Evening Standard InvestmentNews The Next Web Techmeme International Business Times PBS Boing Boing Daily Kos RT International The New York Review of Books France 24 National Geographic Business Journals DW.COM Gallup Council On Foreign Relations MSNBC LAWFARE The Big Picture The Financial Brand Crunchbase News BIS ZDNet MIT mainly macro ABC News U.S. House of Representatives Permanent Selection CNET Vulture Markit Esquire STAT NY Observer CATO Institute Visual Capitalist Eventbrite Real Investment Advice StockTwits GlobeNewswire News Room Deadline AdvertisingAge San Francisco Chronicle NASDAQ New Statesman The Washington Times Bank of England Sydney Morning Herald The Spectator Cointelegraph Institutional Investor SFgate Brad DeLong The Ringer CityLab Morningstar Der Spiegel The Irrelevant Investor Nature Toronto Star The Federalist American Economic Association World Bank SI Stanford Futurism Media Matters for America Ladders Houston Chronicle The Wrap The Cut TED AEI Science Finextra Research Eater Dallas News Prospect Washington Center for Equitable Growth Royal Economic Society Stumbling and Mumbling CEPR DNAinfo GQ Financial Review The Jerusalem Post GeekWire The Motley Fool Seattle Times Caixin Online Product Hunt OUPblog WNYC The Mercury News Curbed DIE WELT Alpha Architect Conversable Economist New Scientist Marc to Market ProMarket Collaborative Fund Foreign Affairs Aeon NBC New York AVC GIPHY U.S. Department of State Nuzzel The Daily Mash CB Insights Crain’s Chicago Business @politifact CBO NASA RTÉ Archives NerdWallet Talking Biz News FN London Handelsblatt Splinter Office for National Statistics The Incidental Economist EconLog Roll Call Atlas Obscura McKinsey Baltimore Sun Le Monde efinancialcareers UK Parliament Investopedia Moody’s Thomson Reuters IBD The Herald Scotland Wired UK IEEE Spectrum: Technology, Engineering, and Scienc CFA Institute Co.Design TMZ Evonomics Facebook Atlanta Fed Pragmatic Capitalism Farnam Street The Chronicle of Higher Education A Dash of Insight Howard Lindzon LRB blog The Information Economist’s View AWeber Goodreads The Outline Sputnik Benzinga Livemint Econbrowser Imgur Hong Kong Free Press HKFP Above the Law Japan Times Breakingviews Politico New York Microsoft Research US Treasury Princeton University INSIDER Bank Underground Business Radio on Sirius XM Flickr Detroit News American Civil Liberties Union Bond Buyer Financial News CFTC Yale NewsComAu Bespoke Lifehacker Thrive Global Internet Archive Financial Post The Texas Tribune The Root Naked Capitalism Open Culture Ellevest McSweeney’s Internet Tendency HousingWire Hacker Noon O’Reilly Media Reuters TV Trump For President Stratechery The Denver Post East Asia Forum Sacramento Bee El País Star Tribune The American Conservative Tax Policy Center Pensions & Investments The Straits Times Mercatus Center Tampa Bay Times FINRA Google Research Backchannel Chicago Booth KDnuggets NIESR CCN Centre for European Policy Studies The Forward Commentary Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Quanta Magazine US News & World Report Kickstarter Moscow Times Economic Policy Institute James Altucher 9to5Mac The American Interest The Economist 1843 Dropbox globalinequality ajc Condé Nast Traveler Infowars Washingtonian TinyLetter The National Interest Jalopnik Popular Science Our World in Data Abnormal Returns Artsy Noahpinion Global Times Hot Air ICIJ Merriam-Webster Cornell The Wire Morning Consult Crain’s New York Business Reductress Patreon The Overspill Middle East Eye Political Wire VOA The Investor’s Field Guide Breaking Energy The American Prospect Pitchfork Haas News Longreads Chicago Sun-Times The Awl DataViz CapX CDC The Fiscal Times Grub Street Bon Appetit Teen Vogue Capitalogix Daily Business UPI Yonhap FactSet War on the Rocks JSTOR Daily RedState charlotteobserver Big Think ITV News Macro and Other Market Musings The New York Times Company Human Rights Watch INET UChicago News The A.V. Club Priceonomics MEL Magazine The Evidence-Based Investor Electronic Frontier Foundation Heavy Topspin openDemocracy Metro A Teachable Moment Diem25 — Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 Vogue Comedy Central FCA EconTalk Snopes Brain Pickings Digital Trends ProFootballTalk CBPP Jason Zweig Meb Faber CME Techdirt FlowingData Chief Investment Officer The Santa Fe New Mexican IMDb newsobserver Tech in Asia The Grumpy Economist Elle Daily Reckoning PIMCO Smithsonian RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty The Daily Dot Billboard WTOP The Diplomat Centre for European Reform The Paris Review FIGARO Pacific Standard The Capital Spectator Wealth Management Bank Innovation Slate Star Codex Daring Fireball Al-Monitor Points and Figures Tablet AppleInsider TradingView Nerd’s Eye View Above the Market Andreessen Horowitz Public Pool acast Greg Mankiw’s Blog Libsyn The National Chris Skinner’s blog Racked YouGov: What the world thinks Hillary Clinton 2016 Lifestyle BNN The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Defense One This is Money Passle Armstrong Economics Channel NewsAsia Washington Monthly Wolf Street FEE Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Y Combinator Electrek Times Higher Education (THE Bitcoin News Of Dollars And Data Des Moines Register The Drum Miami New Times InFacts Center For Global Development Tim Harford Pittsburgh Post-Gazette IJR ScienceAlert Bank of Canada Musings on Markets Palm Beach Post The Baffler Vocativ Just Security Statista Infographics Atlantic Council Harvest Richmond Fed Citywire EconoSpeak Live Science TraderFeed Psychology Today Crooked Timber Glassdoor Blog Niskanen Center Sü 25iq RealClearMarkets Cosmopolitan Singularity Hub azcentral The Real Deal Kotaku Prime Economics Hürriyet Sixth Tone City Journal Pension Partners euronews Dallas Fed Urban Institute TabbFORUM Quinnipiac University NewCo Meetup Monday Note WWD Newsmax Daily Wire ART19 iNews Benedict Evans The Marshall Project The Cook Political Report Goldman Sachs Salt Lake Tribune Jewish Telegraphic Agency Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Calafia Beach Pundit Президент России Reveal Markets Media FT中文网 TheBlaze Hoover Institution 500ish Words SWI Bleacher Report Tax Foundation Popular Mechanics Grist HumbleDollar Worthwhile Canadian Initiative Newsday PwC Freakonomics Trading with The Fly See It Market Alt-M Larry Summers The Fat Pitch Andrew Gelman Platts Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Richmond Times-Dispatch EurekAlert OpenSecrets Zacks Investment Research Inverse Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views Alan Steel WPIX 11 New York U.S. Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Review of Books Clarus Financial Technology Atlanta Fed macroblog Mises Institute FBI Crain’s Detroit Business The Players’ Tribune NOLA Times-Picayune Stars and Stripes My Trading Buddy Maven AQR Boston Review Trading Economics The Financial Express indy100 Product Habits Continuations by Albert Wenger On The Economy Bronte Capital ScienceDaily The Undefeated NewsBTC Fortune Financial Mortgage News Daily Conservative Home InsideClimate News The Enlightened Economist MilitaryTimes NewsBusters Microeconomic Insights Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News — FintechNews The Resurgent The Columbus Dispatch New York State The Daily Signal MacroMania Cambridge University Press IGM Forum Bloomberg BNA ChinaFile Flirting with Models Skift Global News Indianapolis Star Om Malik kentucky Truthout Real-World Economics Review Blog Credit Writedowns BGR Gartner L2 Hedgopia Center for American Progress Signal v. Noise longandvariable Die Zeit Crossing Wall Street Random Roger UNU-WIDER TalkMarkets SCOTUSblog IIF The Brookings Institution NewsThump artnet News TheTLS CFO Supply-Side Liberal politics.myajc Gates Notes Economic Principals Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences The Tennessean Flip Chart Fairy Tales Krebs on Security Democracy Journal One Mile at a Time Mish Talk Euromoney The Mozilla Blog FinTech Futures The Age Computerworld Avondale Asset Management BuzzFeed News