The golden ratio for typography

Danny Ruchtie
Nov 18, 2016 · 1 min read

At this moment, there is a mathematical symphony going-on on this page. A symphony that everyone perceives unconsciously. This symphony, also called “golden ratio” is deeply rooted in us, and can be found everywhere around us, in architecture, photography, painting and nature.

You would not expect typography and mathematics have anything to do with each other at first. But nothing is less true! Typography is a combination of artistic forms and mathematical relationships. Each section consists of three primary dimensions: font size, line height and line length. The correct ratio between these three makes text readable.

Following the great article by Chris Pearson over the Golden Ratio and web typography, I went to work on a typography Golden Ratio Calculator. The calculator calculates the ideal line height on the basis of the line length and size. The calculator is made using Tangle, a javascript library that I wanted to try for some time.

With Tangle library texts and documents can be created interactively. Tangle is developed by the brilliant Bret Vicro.

Try The Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

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