The DRx Kill Team Stabbi Collection — Everything You Need to Know! (UPDATED)

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The Kill Team Stabbi Collection is out.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • What is the Kill Team Stabbi Collection?
  • ‘Kill Team’ Origins
  • What’s in the Cap(sule)?
    ▹ The DRx x WW Kill Team Onesie
  • Mint Info
    ▹ Mint Schedule
    ▹ Size and Color Capture
  • Physical Claim Info
    When to Claim Your Physical Wearables
    ▹ What is a DRx Prescription?
    ▹ Unclaimed v.s. Claimed
    ▹ Expiration Dates
    ▹ How to Claim Your Physical Wearables in the Drug Store
    ▹ Physical Claim Window
    ▹ Limited Edition Pre-Order (Physical Items Only)
  • DRx-perience Augmented Reality
  • TL;DR

Let’s get into it.

What is the Kill Team Stabbi Capsule Collection?

The Kill Team Stabbi Capsule Collection is a drop featuring the Kill Team “Stabbi” (Tabbi + knife trait) containing digital and physical wearables! This collection also marks a futuristic collaboration with Walker World — a Web 3-based AAA gaming brand.

Wait, what’s the “Kill Team”? I want in!

The Drug Receipts’ “Kill Team” pays homage to the founders’ first project together, back in the 1990s, when action sports pioneers Brooke Howard-Smith and Arlo Eisenberg were on top of the action sports world with their notorious agressive inline rollerblading brand Senate.

For the full story on the conception of the Kill Team, watch this clip taken from episode #022 of The SQE Podcast.

What’s in the Cap(sule)?

Every capsule contains three (3) digital wearables from the Kill Team Stabbi Collection: a snapback hat, a t-shirt, and EITHER a hoodie or the ultra-rare Kill Team Onesie.

Each digital wearable includes a DRx Prescription which allows you to claim the physical item in the Drug Store.

Kill Team Stabbi Capsule contains three (3) digital wearables and three (3) physical claims — totaling six (6) items in one adorable little pill.

That’s right: each Kill Team Stabbi Capsule contains three (3) digital wearables and three (3) physical claims — totaling six (6) items in one adorable little pill!

Talk about SUBSTANCE!

The DRx Kill Team Onesie is to die for! How do I get one?

The ultra-rare Kill Team Onesie marks our collaboration with Walker World. As first seen in the Walker World: Females collection, this onesie is not only super snuggin’ sick, it’s also super snuggin’ RARE!

Each onesie is hand-made and smothered in detail, including an all-over “Stabbi” print, custom chenille patches, and a full-zip hood with “killer” mask and eyeholes.

We’re not kidding — there will be less than 200 of these custom cut-and-sew onesies ever made!

There are three (3) ways to get a physical DRx Kill Team Onesie:

How many Capsules are in the Kill Team Stabbi Capsule Collection? Is there a rarity component?

Great question and YES, there is a rarity component!

The Kill Team Stabbi Collection supply consists of 750 Capsules. About 10% of the minted capsules contain the Kill Team Stabbi Onesie. Additionally, there is a chance to score an ULTRA-RARE hand-drawn Thermal Drug Receipt from Drug Receipts artist Arlo Eisenberg himself.

Here’s the breakdown:

675 Purple Capsules
Digital wearables and physical claims for each of the following:
T-shirt, Hat, Hoodie

75 Rare Purple Capsules
Digital wearables and physical claims for each of the following:
T-shirt, Hat, Onesie

1 Thermal Drug Receipt
Hand-drawn thermal Drug Receipt and NFT of thermal receipt
Randomly distributed; can be in ANY capsule; does not have to be a rare

By now you may be wondering… ‘wen mint’?

Mint Info

Kill Team Stabbi Capsule Collection

Wen: Thursday, March 16th @ 5 PM CST
Mint type: Tiered
Reveal type: Staggered over 2 weeks
Price: 0.12 ETH — Early Access Holders. 0.14 ETH Public Mint (per capsule; containing 3 digital & 3 claimable physical wearables)
Total supply: 750 Capsules

Mint Schedule

5 PM CST — DRx & Walker World Holders (0.12ETH Up to 5 Capsules per transaction)
6 PM CST — Futureverse Ecosystem* (0.12ETH Up to 5 Capsules per transaction)
7 PM CST — Public (0.14ETH Up to 5 Capsules per transaction)

  • Futureverse Ecosystem includes: Drug Receipts, Walker World, FLUF World, Party Bear, Thingies, Seekers, Buzzies, Burrows, E.G.G.s, Dr. G’s Ray Guns, Scenes & Sounds, FLUF Haus, ATEM Car Club, ASM AIFA Genesis, ASM Genesis Brains, ASM AIFA All Stars, 0xThulu & MNTGE Pass Holders.

Act fast! This mint will only last 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: Size and Color Capture

During the minting process, you will be asked your sizing information and color preferences for both the hoodie and onesie. We will use this information so you can claim your physical wearables.

We won’t know which type of Capsule (containing hoodie or onesie) you will receive at the time of mint, but we still need to capture sizing information for both, in case you score the onesie!


The mint interface makes everything easy and will include images and detailed sizing info for your reference. But if you still can’t be bothered, or don’t care what colors/sizes you get, then you can simply select the “Randomize” option and all of the decisions will be generated for you automatically!

Physical Claim Info

The digital wearables in the Kill Team Stabbi collection come with a DRx Prescription which allows you to claim the corresponding physical items in the Drug Store (

You only have to pay shipping for your physical items.

The physical claims will open a few weeks after the mint and physical pre-order (see below) is finished. Keep an eye on our Discord or socials for physical claim dates.

What is a DRx Prescription?

Each DRx Prescription entitles the holder to a 100% discount on that wearable in the Drug Store — the stash spot where we keep all the physical goods.

In the Drug Store you can cop the product want and so much more. ;)
Click here to visit.

Claimed v.s. Unclaimed Items

Once the physical item has been claimed in the Drug Store, the DRx Prescription is considered “filled”, and the metadata will change the background on your KTS Tee to grey.

Claimed items cannot be redeemed for physical goods.
Above is a comparison of the unclaimed vs. claimed digital wearables. Peep the comparison of the two down below.

Unclaimed with DRx Prescription v.s. Claimed with grey background

DRx Prescription Expiration Date

We can’t keep an endless supply of wearables just lying around forever! Kill Team Stabbi Prescriptions expire on Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 at 11:59 PM CT.

Once the DRxPrescription expires closes, all unclaimed capsules will automatically revert to “claimed” and the background will change to gray. These tokens may no longer claim the physical version in the Drug Store.

Note: Your digital wearables will be unaffected. All of your digital wearables will remain interoperable and usable in the metaverse!

How to Claim Your Physical Wearables in the Drug Store (

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the physical item you wish to claim
  3. Click “Connect Wallet”
  4. Below the item description, select your eligible “Prescription(s)”
  5. Click “Add to Cart”
  6. Repeat the process with each physical item you wish to claim.
  7. Click the shopping cart on the top right of your screen to check out.
  8. Fill out the fields to calculate shipping costs.
  9. Complete checkout and your physical Kill Team Stabbi merch will be shipped immediately to your door!

Limited Edition Pre-order (Physical Items Only)

Physical (only) items will be available for purchase at for 72 hours after the mint closes.

The pre-order is your chance to get the Kill Team Stabbi Collection directly from DRx, no crypto wallet or crypto assets required. The pre-order includes the physical versions of the hat, T-shirt, and hoodie.

The Onesie WILL NOT be for sale in the Drug Store. Digital wearables will NOT be available through the Drug Store. The only way to get the digital wearables and the onesie is through the mint. After 72 hours, the pre-order will close and that will be it. No further opportunity to purchase this collection will be available through the Drug Store ( Make sure you get your orders in during the pre-order!

DRx-perience Augmented Reality

Every item in the Kill Team Stabbi Collection comes equipped with DRx-perience Augmented Reality (AR). Custom DRx Snap filters allow your Kill Team apparel to come to life!

Simply scan the unique Snapcode above in the Snapchat app then point your camera at any target DRx Mask’N’Knives graphic and watch the graphics animate to life!

Yes, the AR filter works wherever the Mask’N’Knives are present, including on your Kill Team Stabbi Collection!

Check out some mind-altering footage of the DRx-perience below!


  • Get yourself ready, the Kill Team Stabbi mint opens at 5pm March 16th (CST).
  • Mint Price is 0.12ETH — 0.14ETH per capsule (up to 5 Capsules per transaction).
  • Total supply is 750 capsules.
  • Drug Receipts and Walker World Holders get first access, followed by ANY Futureverse token holder before it goes public.
  • Make sure your wallet contains any eligible traits or tokens that give you early access to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • You will choose the color and size of your items as part of the mint process. All of the options, including images of the product and sizing info, will be provided during the mint process. We made it easy!
  • Immediately after the mint there will be an Exclusive Pre-order in the Drug Store for physical items only (everything but the onesie). No crypto wallets required.
  • Start rubbing your lucky pentagrams to improve your chances of getting a onesie!

Good luck Pharmilia!



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