Rules of Engagement

It’s a normal Sunday morning in the Sellers’ Family household. It’s buzzing with movement as a family of seven gets ready for church. My three sisters, little brother and I frantically put on our Sunday best.

Mom, who always gets up an hour earlier, struggles to manage the chaos. Dad does his part by steering clear of the girls as we zig-zag about, occupying every single mirror throughout the house. My brother confines himself to his room until it’s almost time to leave, peeking through the door occasionally to see if the bathroom is clear.

As a sixteen-year-old middle child, and someone who knows what it’s like getting dressed in a house full of girls, I find it best to always wear something simple. Finding a blouse to match a skirt takes way too much time. It’s also risky. If, by some chance, no one is borrowing it, one would be faced with the common predicament of it not being cleaned, ironed and ready to wear. So, keeping it simple, I decide to wear my long blue flowered summer dress.

Before long, someone announces the time and we begin to trickle out the door. As the house slowly empties, I use this opportunity to steal the front mirror and heat some last minute curls. Dad helps my brother fix his tie and Mom rummages through her purse for car keys. After a few minutes of searching, we all finally leave the house.

The drive is short while the inside of the van purrs with chatter. We are pleasantly early today, which leaves us time to mingle before the service begins. As we walk into the foyer that leads into the chapel, my gaze peers over to a new face. By the group of Elders surrounding him, I perceive that he is a new missionary. My first reaction… “Cool! Missionaries are awesome!” My family often invites them over for dinner. We find it comforting to think that somewhere in California, where my older brother is serving his mission, there is a loving family feeding him.

Normally I would introduce myself, but I’m confused that something is stopping me. I’m not a timid person, but here I find that I’m absolutely nervous. Immediately, I recognize my reluctance to approach this blue-eyed missionary. I wonder if others around me start to notice as well. Embarrassment begins to swell within me. Am I blushing?

I go into emergency mode. I could act as though I hadn’t seen him, but that’s highly unlikely. He’s easily a foot taller than everyone. The only option is to find a reason to say “hello” and get it over with, which shouldn’t be hard! It’s customary to introduce yourself to new people. Why is it difficult to do so now?

Then, with a stroke of luck, I see a buddy of mine standing next to him. I may be too shy to introduce myself, but I’m not too shy to walk over and talk to a friend. Staying focused on my only lifeline, I casually stroll over to my buddy and say hello. It’s a short greeting, but it works. He introduces me to our new missionary, I reach out, and we shake hands. In THIS very moment, I knew… and my heart said, “Hello.”

Writer’s Tip: Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new. Put pen to paper and let it glide without an ounce of strain. Turn your thoughts into action and just let it play out. You’ll be surprised how much happier you will be when you do.

Writer’s Bio: Rachel M. Drumm is a young romantic who wholeheartedly believes in love at first sight. Oh, and she is happily sealed, for time and all eternity, to her handsome blue-eyed missionary going on 15 years this August.

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