This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

I agree with what you’ve said. We need a party that a) embraces fiscal conservatism b) fights for the ability of people to start and continue businesses that create jobs without undue government intrusion c) is willing to accept people for who they are without judging, demeaning, or attempting to convert them to some religious or personal viewpoint.

We have let the tea partyers dictate their “moral” standards as being the Republican Party’s standard. We should be a party that believes in personal AND economic freedom. It should be a party that welcomes people who don’t believe in restricting other people’s right to personal freedom, even if we don’t agree with their lifestyle. Obviously I’m talking about a party that doesn’t get in the way of entrepreneurs, doesn’t tell gay people that they are evil and can’t belong, doesn’t believe it the government’s job to take care of everyone, but protects the rights of men and women to equal treatment under the law.

Why do we fight equal pay for equal work? Why do we tell people who are not harming someone else what they can do in their own home? Why do we pass laws that give preferential treatment to big oil companies, big banks, or investment companies that flagrantly defraud their customers?

We need an alliance of the people such as the entrepreneurs of silicon valley who seek reasonable tax rates and protection from government interference and those who embrace libertarian ideals of personal freedom. It probably won’t happen because it is a hard transition, but the Ted Cruz’s and Donald Trump’s of the world show us why it is necessary.

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