Media Lit Post #1- Terence Crutcher Shooting
Kaylee Henderson

I really appreciate the way you organized your viewpoints. Makes reading this so easy, haha.

I completely agree that this killing was unnecessary, as most police killings are. There are men who shoot up schools/theaters and are taken in alive, while a seemingly larger majority of situations that make it to the mainstream media showcase blacks being gunned down to prevent police officers being harmed. The double standard in this is absolutely abhorrent.

The only way however I can see myself playing devil’s advocate is that he was walking back to his car, which I’ve had demonstrated to me is incredibly dangerous for the officer(s). He could grab a weapon, ignite a bomb, etc. It gives another sense of unknowing to an officer’s sense of context when dealing with these kinds of situations. In the video though, it’s shown clear to me that the officer seemed to be “directing” him back to his vehicle, no audio of the officer telling him to “stop” or “get on the ground away from the vehicle” etc. is made apparent.

The real kicker is that he was stunned on the ground using a tazer. Tazers work by intercepting the brains electric signals carried to your muscles by your nerves. He would’ve been COMPLETELY incapable of physically responding at all once on the ground and stunned. This to me just shows the incredible lack of human decency the lady who shot him had.

Hopefully this gets better before it gets worse.

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