Media Lit Post Numba 1

The shooting of Terrence Crutcher is definitely controversial. I feel like a lot of the times the media is quick to automatically create a situation and shove it down throats, when in reality no single person may ever know EVERYTHING about a certain situation. I’ve seen via videos online that officers can be shot by people who have returned/are returning to their cars, but that in no way also justifies killing Terrence Crutcher. He appeared unarmed, and the car was found to be empty. Even tasing him would’ve been just fine, as he was subdued and on the ground for a fair amount of time before the lethal shots were fired.

It’s a sticky situation for sure, but I firmly believe law enforcement needs to take a step back and assess certain employees who may abuse their power/be unfit to serve in uniform. I also firmly believe people need to understand that a good amount of police officers mean no harm, they’re just following their training intended to protect themselves. These people need to stop challenging police, and the police need to reform their policies to both protect themselves and spare the individual. An everyday traffic stop should normally not result in violence, but maybe this is just reflected due to media attempting to “normalize” it. Either way, changes need be made.