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Zildjian Cymbal Pack


  • It’s a standard sized cymbal
  • There’s a free 14” crash
  • The brand is known worldwide
  • Its rack is sturdy and it looks good


  • The bronze cast is not from Zildjian but from different suppliers
  • Cymbals are punched out from bronze sheets mechanically

Zildjian is known in the world of drummers as one of the best cymbal maker. This cymbals are made from B8 bronze which is 92% copper and 8% tin. Most beginner drum sets have cymbals made from brass, this cymbal which is made from bronze will definitely have a better sound…

  1. Brand: Pyle Drum Set Pad (PTED06)


  • It’s compact and portable with a lot of built in songs, drum kits. You can also save record, save as well as edit your recordings. You can also make your own music by connecting it to the computer. It has a learn mode to help beginners learn. It comes with a foot pedal and drum stick. You can use a battery to make it work.


  • Its quality is very good.
  • Its touch sensitivity is working well, their cymbals has good effects.
  • The speaker that is built in is loud


  • The foot…

What is a drum set for kids?

If you think drumming a drum set is something that could be done randomly, you’re wrong. There are few requirements that you have to consider. The right drum set should allow the user to be able to reach every part of the set with ease, but it should also not overwhelm them and allow them to play and learn. So before buying your kids drum set here are some variables you could check out:

Kids Drum Set Variables

There are drum sets made for adults, there are also different types for kids that…

Drum Set Lab

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