My first week(three days) of coding bootcamp.

And by crazy, I mean really crazy. Like lines of code being typed and sandwiched together with other elements floating around. And no, I don’t mean like HTML, semantic elements. I mean any elements in the world. What am I talking about? The dream I actually had at 4am on my fourth day of bootcamp. What prompted this dream? Well, it was a combination of things:

1)All of the HTML review we had covered for the first three days.

2)The Dev Tips videos I had been watching on YouTube.

3)The Flu:)


It was my first week in bootcamp and I caught the flu. Actually, as I am writing this my head is pounding and I feel slightly dizzy.

I know from reading a couple other articles on bootcamps that people stress staying in shape and eating well throughout. I totally agree and the night before the bootcamp started I made all my meals for the week. I returned to a regular gym schedule the first day of camp and was about to sign up for some yoga lessons. However, by the time I got home after my third day I felt something bad was on its way. Even after all of that planning, healthy eating and my new fitness routine, I got sick.

Here goes my parallel to coding…

Even after doing everything I thought was right and responsible, nothing worked. This seems to be a situation that holds true for every programmer I know. You write some code, it appears to be going well, and then BOOM. You have some bug(the flu?)that you have no idea where it came from and why the internet gods have chosen you. Why me? Why now?!

Staying positive here

Our first project is due in two days an I have barely worked on it because of the flus amazing “sit down, don’t move” powers. I see this as a new challenge. No, I don’t recommend you build a site in two days as a code newbie however my plan to prepare all my meals, workout and study for upcoming units in the bootcamp didn’t really pan out so I am left with no choice. It’s actually super ironic. For many years, mainly in high school, I was a huge procrastinator and put work off until days or even hours before.

Coding involves a lot of problem solving. I see getting this project done in a short amount of time as just another problem to solve.

I totally plan on getting back on track with the fitness and good food routine once this flu is gone. I’ll keep you posted on what I have been making and what routine I have gotten myself into as I get further into the bootcamp. I look forward to returning to class this week at hackerYou.