Tents on Sidewalks Are Inhumane and Aren’t Housing
Scott Wiener

It seems that the former minority (or less then vocal majority) has finally reached critical mass and won’t stand for the homeless taking over large swaths of the city sidewalks. I’m all for cleaning it up ASAP.

There are two parts to the conversation. On is how do we keep these people from getting here and how can we help them when they do reach this level. The 2nd part is not allowing any citizens to brazenly break the law. The advocates will go on and on about the “rights” of the homeless and what we can and can’t do. Let’s be very clear — these people camping on the street have the exact same rights as those who are living in houses. If I break the law, I do not expect a 72 hour warning to stop my criminal activity, and if I commit a crime that involves any of my property, I would expect that to be taken as well. I have zero compassion for this side of the argument.

I also have zero compassion for anyone who would complain about the shelter they are brought or advise to go to. No amount of advocate spin will make any sane person believe that the shelter is a worse place for someone who is sleeping in a tent. The person in the tent may have a perception that their tent is “better” but that is simply not true. Bathrooms, showers, food are all better than the cesspool of urine, feces, trash and needles that is a tent encampment. They can bring their belongings, which are locked away for them; they can bring their pets. While they can not sleep in “privacy”, we all know that a tent along a street is not private or safe in any way.

I applaud Scott for taking a stand and I hope this sweep expands throughout the entire city.

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