Episode 1: Online Feminism and YouTube Make-Up Videos

Colin Sholes, Mike Hanrahan, and Sara Klein are Extremely Online this week drinking and talking about feminism, sexual assault, Twitter’s utter inability to police its community, and YouTube make-up video drama. Join us as we explain Online to people who have better things to do.


00:45 — Colin is drinking Glendalough and Asahi. Mike is drinking Corner Creek bourbon. Sara has Main Squeeze Grapefruit Ale from Alley Kat Brewery in Alberta.

2:30 — Colin dives into the Rose McGowan debacle, and The List. Twitter swears they’ve really learned their lesson this time. Really.

5:10 — Mike explores the backlash towards social media companies for hosting advertiser content adjacent to hate speech. We discuss how Trump and his following are responsible for a large part of Twitter’s market cap.

10:20 — Sara talks about the Jian Ghomeshi trial and how Canada grappled with it.

12:00 — Bill Cosby! We talk about the unexpected ways powerful figures get outed for their sexual assault and harassment.

14:30 — Twitter, and the strange levels of celebrity honesty on the platform.

17:45 — The Arab Spring, and Twitter’s desire to be seen as the Free Speech Platform.

19:30 — Sara poses the question — what are we willing to give up to punish or discourage damaging behavior?

22:50 — !!YOUTUBE MAKE-UP VIDEO SIREN!! Sara talks about the Online drama surrounding YouTube make-up reviews, comment section battles, political disputes over brands, and child abuse allegations (!)

26:40 — Editor’s Note: I’m the guy reading FTC guidelines in YouTube response videos.

27:20 — You know we had to Pizzagate our first pod.

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music credit: Lobby Time by Kevin McLeod