Well, the term ‘software maintenance’ emerged the same time as ‘software engineering’ (1969) —…
Bruno Baketaric

Excellent point! 
I posit that how we view “maintenance” is maybe at the core of this issue. Most people developers and bizwiz alike think of “maintenance” in the same way as a plumber does. It’s plugging or replacing leaking pipes, occasionally changing the fittings. But the thing under maintenance is mostly considered inert, a lifeless artifact.

What I’ve found that a much more fitting metaphor for most of what we actually do and what happens in real life is that we need to consider maintenance in the same light as a gardener does. We’re working with an organic entity, we need to work with it constantly to keep it healthy and a lot of that is simply consistently mowing the lawn.

Let’s be gardeners, not plumbers. (This is not a value judgement both are very valuable professions, the latter just fit better for most, not all, software contexts)

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