Three Things

My third favorite thing about my Mom is how she tells me about books she’s read. She talks about the characters the way other people talk about real people. She remembers every little detail. What she doesn’t know, she fills in. Sometimes, I’ll space out for a second, and I’m not sure whether she’s telling a story about a friend, or a character from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

My second favorite thing about my Mom is how she can befriend anyone… so long as they have a dog. Earlier today, she became best friends with two guys who live in an RV down the block because they had a cute puppy. One of them was rolling a joint at the time, and the other had a lower lip tattoo. But right now, they’re my Mom’s favorite people.

But my favorite thing about my Mom is that she flew 3,000 miles to spend less than 48 hours just to make sure that I was OK.

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