Day 2. Guzl’s AI exam.

So in my AI exam? I wrote down about Strong AI. I said there will come a day when scientists disprove the existence of “self” and the “soul” and we will have an Artificially Intelligent program that can “understand”. My professor is probably going to cut marks for that one and as much as I do like my little stunt of rebellion, I don’t want my marks to be cut.

My exam was okay, I felt like I could have done a lot better and I was very inclined to feeling disappointed with what I had written in the paper but I decided not to feel that way. (HA! nuzl.)

My life, it sometimes feels like I am riding on a wave. Days like today, it feels like everyone else is riding on a wave and I am watching them from the shore. Nuzl is gone out for Garba with friends (Gujarati traditional dance with loud music, bizarrely bright colours, mirrors and cholis.) I miss nuzl! I take it for granted he will be with me all the time. And then he is not, so I am like, what? My world was revolving on an axis a moment back, where did you go?

It’s part of being in a long distance relationship. :(

It’s strange how two people can be so far away and still be so close. Nuzl’s going to visit me on Thursday. That, my countdown keeper says is 6 days away. I can’t wait to see him! I’m going to pounce on him the moment he gets here.

*pounces on nuzl and tries to bite his neck while pawing his face*

Meanwhile, with everyone around me preparing for their exams, I am binge watching House M.D. It’s my all-time favourite show, I am a house addict. I keep telling everyone to watch it and that it’s not about the diagnostic cases he solves. It’s about him, the character, the dialogues, the realizations, the ups and downs and how beautifully put and well constructed in terms of psychology, it is with all the other characters. Sometimes, I try to find my answers in House. The show never fails to stun me. I even have a T-shirt which quotes House. Guess who got it for me? :D

<Note: Post picture when T-shirt around>

Sometimes I feel, it is being with Nuzl that makes life carry any meaning at all. *High PAW Nuz*