Day 2. Nuzl has a big presentation today.

Nuzl here. I think we should add who the perpetrator is in the title.

So, yes. I am Nuzl. If anyone at all is reading this, hear my plea. I am forced to write this. It’s 8 AM and this is the first thing I have to do in the morning because Guzl emailed me twice asking me to write something on the blog. Or, I get no sex.

Guzl has an examination in university today and I have a presentation at work to the whole department. I think Guzl didn't make it clear but we are not in the same cities. As the crow flies, we are a moon apart.

So, I have this big presentation today in which I am supposed to tell the department what I’ve been doing since almost a year now. An 101 on my research. A part of me just wants to fuck it and not really sell my work to the other colleagues who have no say in its future or whose opinion matters as much as mine in the Nuzl-Guzl relationship. I just want to get over with it. The presentation. Guzl, I take to my grave.

Guzl calls me a chatterbox, did you look at her posts? She lives in her own world with her tiny little battles. A 2 min talk with her professor and her innocent disliking of him, can send her to the terrace, looking into the eyes of the celestial bodies and ruminating about life and how everything is wrong with it. And when the Ursa Major gang can’t console her that her life ain’t so bad, she calls Nuzl up. And I have to agree with her how the Professor is ruining her otherwise perfect life. She is obsessed with hating him. She just needs someone to hate.

I am going to go back to making my presentation. I hope it goes well. I hope my tea is ready. I think Guzl didn’t mention food as my priority. It is. For first time in my life, I now carry a paunch. I’ve been eating a lot after university and my lifestyle is pretty sedentary.

I also hope we keep writing :) (avoiding all incoming thoughts of pending left mid-way writing projects I have)

— Nuzl

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