Day 3. It’s a Saturday.

Nuzl went for a sleep-over to his friends place yesterday. He didn’t sleep all night so instead, he spent his day dozing off.

Not a lot happened today. But since there is magic in mundane is my motto for starting this blog, I am going to faithfully write a blog post here.

I’ve been working a little, developed a good algorithm (on paper) for badfish, reading research papers, managing things with our (nuzl and mine) special-interest-group.

And.. I’ve been home.

So I am at my desk typing away on this laptop. My board has a lot of small scraps of paper with lines from poems written on it. One of it reads:

“Do not go gentle
into the good night,
Old age should burn and rave
at the close of the day.
Rage, rage
against the dying of the light.”

Another one says:

“You have two doors- love and fear.
Choose love and don’t ever let fear,
disguised as practicality,
win over your playful heart.”
-Jim Carrey

This night, its the same as yesterday. There’s no difference. I miss nuzl. I have work on my mind.

It’s nice to be with family and at home, though. sometimes not all the time. Nuzl brought me closer to my family in indirect ways. That reminds me about what Nuzl said earlier today, which is very very true:

“I was also thinking how it would have been had we not be dating.
Had I walked off after the first talk.
What I would be now.
How everything would be.

Life would have been a significant fork, for both of us.

(Being with each other has made..) our lives have changed in many ways.
many ways which will bear its fruits for a long time and stick with us.

I watched Dark Knight Rises with my father. And then he came to my room to ask me about how to make space for the new software update on his mobile phone. Big people are cute with technology, they are so scared by it. There is nothing in there they wouldn’t know how to do but they learnt something while growing up that kids don’t yet know- fear. Dad keeps getting scared he will screw up his phone pressing the wrong button. Sigh.

So I helped him out a little bit but then got busy with my own work. I barely registered him leaving the room and saying it’s done. I don’t usually do that, and I won’t tomorrow. Sorry Dad. :)

P.s.- My dad has a thing with his cell phone. He wants to make backups and clear space and do random things with it every weekend. So he always has some odd job planned whenever I come home. I like to think of it as “our” thing.

Also, he bought me socks today. Why? Because he noticed my little sister wearing old torn socks with her new shoes. And there’s a new online sale he wants to make the best use of. So his brain established a need with the existence of the supply.

Nuzl is still sleeping. I had bought a big poster for Nuzl and sent it over to him. But it never reached him, so here it is:

Retro-Styled Poster that never made it

Looks like a boring cliched poster.
But I think it’s essential truth for Nuzl.

Sometimes he knows that the things are in his control, but he acts like they are not. It’s this destructive streak he has hidden in the folds of all his maturity.

He acknowledges it, that it was in his control, he could have done better only when they are history. That’s my Nuzl. If only, he could act on it in the moment, when he can still do something about it.

Goodnight love. :)


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