Drupal Europe dates and conflicts

In 2018 there will not be a DrupalCon Europe organized by the Drupal Association, but it was loud and clear that the European Drupal community needs an opportunity to meet, connect and share.

A group of Drupal community volunteers took it upon themselves to put together an event, and to avoid confusion with the official DrupalCon, the “Drupal Europe” name was chosen. Drupal Europe is organised by this group in collaboration with the German Drupal Association and will be held on the week of September 10–14, 2018 in the beautiful Darmstadtium in Darmstadt, Germany, only 20 minutes drive from Frankfurt Airport.

In the enthusiasm of trying to fill in this huge gap, our team unfortunately did not consider all important conflicts that the dates of the event would incur for attendees and partly scheduled over religious holidays.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

It was not our intention to exclude anyone from this event based on their religion. We’d like to sincerely apologize for this conflict. This was an honest mistake and clearly shows that we still have a lot to learn as event organizers. It also highlights the unfortunate lack of diversity in the organization team that we’d love to improve.

While we immediately reacted to concerns regarding the dates following the news, we spent considerable time preparing this announcement to understand the nature of the religious holidays involved at least after the fact, in hopes that we can adjust the programming as much as we can. The interfaith calendar told us some dates, but talking to people practicing those religions helped us understand the details better. Many people assume we’ll just use the regular DrupalCon schedule, however we’d like to experiment with some adventurous approaches. While we hoped to finalize the schedule structure by now to show exactly what is the impact of our scheduling mistake, we did not yet manage to get there. All we can promise at this point is we’ll take the conflicts into account as much as possible when setting up the schedule and ticket pricing.

If you are taking a longer holiday to spend with family, no internal program shuffling will help. In that case, we suggest other great international community events like DrupalCamp London (early March), Frontend United (early June), Drupal Developer Days (early July), IronCamp (second half of October as far as we heard).

The Drupal Europe organising team,

Adam Evertsson (AdamEvertsson)
Baddy Breidert (baddysonja)
Bert Boerland (bertboerland)
Billy Wardrop (billywardrop)
David Pacassi Torrico (dpacassi)
Floris van Geel (idevit)
Gábor Hojtsy (gábor-hojtsy)
Ivo Radulovski (ivoradulovski)
Janne Kalliola (jannekalliola)
Lars S. Linnet (lslinnet)
Levi Govaerts (legovaer)
Luís Algarvio (lpalgarvio)
Meike Jung (hexabinaer)
Marc Dinse (dernetzjaeger)
Stefan Auditor (sanduhrs)