Was It All A Dream?

Something happened this past weekend that I’ll never truly understand.

100 people entered a forest - guided by their desire to play like children and connect like lost friends - and left, three and a half days later, with one of the strongest communities I’ll ever be a part of.

We locked away our phones, our technologies, and checked our real names at the gate. “Nice to meet you, Duck Hunt!,” became the first words in a journal I didn’t know I owned.

No work was spoken of (I can’t tell you what anyone does, or who anyone is), and not a single photo was taken. When I want to remember, to go back to that place, I have to tap into a feeling — that’s where the memories hide.

And my god are they beautiful.

There were Mad Hatter Tea Parties and Kiddie Pool Kickball. African drum circles and campfires that danced. Daybreaker parties full of pop culture classics. Forests enchanted by the way they were lit. And a Sultan’s Tent that held space in the morning so that we might hold each other by night’s end.

Not a single moment interrupted. We were all just there. In it. Present.

You can’t make magic like this. Not by yourself. Not by design. Not even with the best of intentions. This was the kind of magic that only shows up when it sees communion everywhere it looks. When it believes that every person there deserves that little bit of divinity that comes from desperately wanting the same thing.

For this group, that was to grow younger. Together.

Thank you to all those who helped weave this fabric. I am so grateful that you took this chance with us. You’ve left me, and all of the Camp Reset team, with the most beautiful of gifts; a reflection of the love that went in.

I don’t know how else to share this feeling with you, other than to reflect your words back to you in turn…

“This was the greatest weekend of my life…”
“I LITERALLY wouldn’t be where I am right now without YOU…”
“It was magical, being as far away from childhood as I am, I truly found pieces of myself I had forgotten…”
“It’s the start of something lasting and beautiful...”
“Words cannot convey my gratitude, but thank you all SO much for inspiring me in ways I still cannot comprehend…”
“I feel like my universe has exploded…”
“I’ve been alive for 31 years and yet I feel the excitement of a child, exploring and seeing the world for the first time…”
“This experience completely changed my life…”

Until next time.

With Love,

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