The advertisement industry seems to be suffering from a severe shortage of creativity, otherwise how would anyone explain an ad for a jewelry store that says “creating jealousy”? No seriously. This is the ad. Is that even socially healthy? Then you have the one with the famous actress posing with a phone model that you are supposed to buy because:

  1. You believe that she can make a better choice than you regarding what your phone should be, so you entrust her with making that choice for you, because why bother be an informed consumer? Of course she knows better. Or,
  2. She’s a beautiful, amazing actress, and you want to be so much like her that you believe if you get that phone you will wake up the next day with her good looks on your face instead of the ones you have, and if you are really lucky, then maybe also a BAFTA award by your bedside.

What happened to interesting, possibly even thought provoking advertisement? It’s one thing to be ruining the planet and depleting its resources by buying poorly made gadgets that break within a few months thus requiring constant replacement, it’s another to be lured into that by such low quality advertisement. It’s like these companies don’t even try! How is this constipation in creativity not coming off as insulting to the intellect of the common good old consumer? Instead of having a company feel secure enough in relying on your sense of wanting to create jealousy, would you not rather just have the description of the product provided to you? Would you not rather feel that a company has trust in you as a thinking individual to make a good choice given the facts about their good product?