Breathing: A Gateway to ‘Flow State’ (Part 3 of 3) COVID19

Dr. Veera Asher, DMA, CSCS
4 min readJul 13, 2020


Effort vs. Stress: Why it matters that you know the difference.

Summary from Part 1: BrainBodyVoice™(BBV) and BrainBodyGlottis* (BBG) science, based on doctoral research at the intersection of Sports Science and Opera Singing, has supported development of new training tools to put you in control of your breathing and mindset by conscious control of your central nervous system. The interventions based on this pioneering science help to further optimize an individual to the extent of being able to activate a ‘flow state’ or ‘getting in the zone’, whether in sympathetic mode (fight or flight) or parasympathetic mode (rest and digest). (NOTE: *Glottis is the space between the position of the vocal cords that can be optimized even without making sound.)

With BBV/BBG based interventions, because we can specifically target breathing via the nervous system, aside from improving lung performance, we can also in parallel improve postural integrity, joint performance, balance, coordination, core strength, and mental focus. This approach targeting the central nervous system (i.e. part of the bigger proprioceptive system) gets you to faster results due to a reduced trial-and-error process. The correct ‘feeling’ is affirmed by monitoring in real-time, something as simple as your heart rate and posture!

Continued from Part 2


Now with this pandemic, it made me think of what ‘flow state’ means to people who just need hope to get through the day, with the idea that optimal performance in breathing, in what feels like and Olympic effort, is now a matter of life and death.

During our stay at home orders, I was grateful to be able to continue to share and work with individuals who were affected by either COVID19 or wearing of masks. I was grateful to be able to help one of my mentors, over 80 years old, who thankfully uses FB messenger video, who was struggling to breathe when she had to wear a mask. Then my first client who was post recovery from COVID19 but with long term sequelae, demonstrated how the KHARE SYSTEMS™ approach facilitated confidence in the correct feeling to know progress was being made for breath, posture and mental focus.

The KHARE SYSTEMS™ approach with data-driven science optimized by human-driven performance allows me to assess the efficiency of the BrainBodyVoice™ (with sound) or BrainBodyGlottis™ (without sound) connection, even without the individual giving me their personal feedback. This is where several clients may give feedback that they are stressed in a breathing exercise for example, because something is hard to do, and yet, by using a pulse oximeter monitoring a unique algorithm for heart rate and O2 saturation, it informs me that although they are exerting effort, their systems in actuality, are also less stressed because they are now calibrating a sequence that is more efficient. Once they learn to FEEL the difference between effort and stress with the understanding of correlating data-driven science, the worry starts to dissipate and the active practice of imprinting in the nervous system can start, leading to new and more efficient pathways to performance of breathing.

Coronavirus is taking its toll on people trying to recover, who are still experiencing lingering and long term effects. Basic every day tasks have become a struggle on both the physical health and mental health fronts.

Now that we know more about the neurological issues that can linger due to COVID19, it is important to have peace of mind to have something TO DO before, during or after, if one may get the virus. My team and I are working hard to keep honing the process and eventually getting it to those in need. If one never gets the virus, then BBV/BBG protocols just become a way of life…living healthier and with a feeling of having more control over our physical health and mental health. The effort is worth it, when it can give you hope to meet a challenge and have the tools to know there is a chance to meet the Olympic effort it takes for basic survival. We can then keep going, past this pandemic, by introducing new more FUN challenges that help us evolve with a better quality of life, or in my opinion, a greater sense of adventure!

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