“Joy is Sorrow Unmasked” — The Bittersweet Story of how COVID19 Revealed a New More Effective Way to Breathe

Breath Strengthening Based on Quantitative Scientific and Doctoral Research

Some of you say, “Joy is greater than sorrow,” and others say, “Nay sorrow is the greater.”

But I say unto you, they are inseparable.

Together they come, and when one sits alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

The Prophet, by Khalil Gibran 1883–1931

COVID19 brought breathing to forefront. It brought attention to the science of my BrainBodyVoice™ breathing exercises (without making sound) to those who were suffering with COVID19, and then it got the attention of medical doctors. However, the most important life-changing moment was July 31, 2020 in the late evening.

Divine by Design: I follow the signs, and it has led me on a path, hand in hand with COVID19. Not because I contracted the virus, but now coming full circle from my own experience in struggling to breathe 41 years ago, when I was 10 years old. After that moment, my life was all about going through the suffering to breathe in order to allow the joy of flow in exercising, singing, teaching or just a daily activity of going up outdoor stairs from the parking lot. It is bittersweet to know the truth, that in feeling the pain, we can unlock a secret power, that gets us to knowing again, how to experience joy…even when on the threshold of life and death.

Dr. Veera Khare Asher, DMA (voice), CSCS (strength and conditioning)

Before we get to that day, I have to let you know what happened in April 9, 2020. It was when J. K. Rowling posted a video of a Doctor describing a breathing technique he learned from a respiratory therapist that could help people with COVID19. It went viral! At that point, I had so many people reach out to me who knew about and experienced my breathing techniques, saying that mine would be helpful too. I stayed quiet because there was still a matter of addressing HOW I’d get something to that many people. A Video post wasn’t going to be effective enough, and as a nonmedical applied method. I needed it to be as accurate as possible considering all populations.

Then on May 1, 2020. After discussing further on a singing teachers group chat, I met a singer who was interested in working with me. That was the first day I worked with someone who was in recovery from COVID19. At that time, I realized how knowing the difference between effort vs. stress was going to be critical when recovering people from COVID19. Although the results were positive, the exact reasons scientifically, were yet to be revealed to me.

It was July 25, 2020 when I randomly ended up working with a fellow alum, who shared the same mentor and voice professor, Dr. Carol Kimball, an Emerita Professor of Voice and a Barrick Distinguished Scholar at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Roza Talyuganova, her former student and my peer, was so open and enthusiastic about learning more. She was open to my science, knowing Dr. Kimball was my chair, and that it would be in keeping to delivering only the highest level integrity information for our discipline and education as academic professors. Also, Roza’s expertise as a high level performer allowed her to understand the feeling of why I could shape and optimize data driven science by human driven-performance, making us more dependent on the us as humans to deliver performance, versus the data. It was in that experience, I learned critical new information about the BUBBLE CHEEK™ breath strengthening exercise for those with COVID19.

I had given Roza permission to work with a specific aspect of BUBBLE CHEEK™ and share it with her husband pedagogically. I trusted her since she had already done the rigor to repeatedly experience through practice, and learn the feeling of the benefits while eventually self-facilitating.

Partial testimonial: “My husband and I have been stuck on separate continents throughout the pandemic. So, we started our lessons online and I made him try the “bubble cheeks” exercise which made his voice very resonant and supported. I worked with him for three days, and I noticed that his energy level was very low but he blamed insomnia. A few days after that, he confessed that he had COVID-19 during those three days. He was running a fever during the lessons (unbeknownst to me) but was able to work through it. I am convinced that the bubble cheeks exercise helped him to not develop any COVID19 complication and recover much faster. He did not take any medication during the virus attack. None!” (For full testimonial) Dr. Roza Talyuganova, DMA (Voice) and Opera

July 29, 2020: I spoke with a leading expert, a former program director for special operations US Military, and expert about the Brain-Body Axis. I learned more about the importance of my BrainBodyVoice™ research, applications and digital inventions within neuroscience.

July 30, 2020: Upon further investigation in preparation for a lecture I was invited to give for the NSCA Southwest Regional Conference, I discovered something further that my BrainBodyVoice™ Science could do. It was a light bulb moment for me, and science I was grateful to be able to share immediately.

July 31, 2020: But then, I got the call from a panicked young man wanting to help his mother while on their way to emergency for the fourth (4th) time. She was battling Pneumonia and Covid19, and the anxiety that comes with just trying to breathe. The son asked, “have you seen [people] heal from Corona?”. My heart sank. At that point I realized, I’m not a medical doctor, I don’t have patients, but having had double pneumonia and living in an Oxygen tent for two (2) weeks, I could relate to when I was that patient en route to the hospital. I knew in that moment my life’s work has been focused on getting the best breath strength and power I could, and so, I responded with…yes. (note: I knew if she got sent home again from the hospital, then she wasn’t sick enough to keep there overnight. That information was what gave me hope for her condition, although I knew she was suffering.)

Next morning August 1, 2020: I presented on the military/tactical track and released new science and information that had never been presented before: Introducing New Performance Metrics to Consider when Training to Optimize U.S. Military for Peak Performance Under Pressure

That Afternoon August 1, 2020: Literally right after my presentation, I worked with the mother, via zoom, who was suffering due to the inability to breathe. Her Oxygen saturation was 92 before we got online, and after 25 minutes of a nonmedical breathing exercise, we got her to an Oxygen of 98. It wasn’t without her having to make an effort to get past the stress (see article), but unfortunately, in the case of pneumonia, there is no gain without the pain.

That’s where my experience with pneumonia helped me get her trust and let her know I could feel her pain, but she would have to ACTIVATE HER BRAVE and not let COVID19 take over her nervous system’s pathway to breathing. At one point, after she already activated the correct breathing connecting her BrainBodyVoice™ connection, she went back to her old posture and breathing, and then started to hyperventilate. She panicked, and picked up her inhaler. I said, not yet, she then picked up her water, and I said not yet. I then said, you now have a way to FIGHT to get your breath power back, but you’ll have to make the effort. She activated the new sequence, and by the end of our 25 mins session, she was actually smiling, like a Happy Warrior. We even went through a short protocol as per how she needed to talk, so that she wouldn’t create a shallow breath pattern. After knowing her cues, on her own, she unlocked her inner superhero, knowing that the suffering wasn’t going to stop, but at least she had a way to stay in control of and stay strong with both her physical performance for breathing and her mindset. In follow up with her son later that week, in his words, “she’s doing much better and she’s walking again comfortably too.”

August 7–8, 2020. I am fortunate to have access to several medical professionals via family and friends, and even those on the front line in emergency. It was great to share with them why my science for breathing got stuck in the pipeline of research. We agreed, it was logical. (slide deck coming soon).

The final divine moment that forced me TO DO SOMETHING was August 7–9, 2020 when I realized people from music, to sports, and the USA to the UK were mimicking my type of breathing as a TRICK. Mimicking is dangerous, because it’s only visual. Since my applications are based on targeting the proprioceptive system’s (Central Nervous System) BrainBodyVoice connection, FEELING is the necessary parameter to know if YOU are doing it CORRECTLY. After what I had just experienced within that week, and staying true to only delivering and sharing what has been established through over a decade of scientific rigor, that became the point I knew I had to get ahead of this trend for tricks, and deliver TOOLS, but FAST! That’s where technology became to focus!

So here we are! Although this was a story of someone who was suffering from COVID19 and pneumonia, the truth is, she did LOOK, FEEL and even SOUND better (on Zoom), and is continuing to get back to her normal.

I knew that doing nothing will have a COST. So since we’ve all been impacted by COVID19 in some way, even if we are lucky enough to not have contracted the virus, let’s do something and collectively get this to the forefront. Help me get this interactive website built so we can get the latest in cutting edge science and applied tools for breath strengthening we ALL deserve to have. My KPERFORM team and with the support of Apply Digital has figured out a way to help me get it to you faster and more affordable than working with me in person. So please pledge and then share with your close ones to share more! For as little as $19 you can bring the joy back to the front of the competition against COVID19, as a win for the human race.

For more information about the Kickstarter (ends 9.14.2020) to you an Interactive Website for BUBBLE CHEEK Breath Strengthening Exercise and More….

For more information about Stress Vs. Effort: A Gateway to ‘Flow State’ and BrainBodyVoice™/BrainBodyGlottis™ Science and KHARE SYSTEMS Applied Tools for Breathing Stronger for #EverydayFLOWSTATE #FeelLookSoundGOOD



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