Our Body

The most intimate part of physical creation for an individual is his own body, although mostly we are not aware of it We take it as granted and most of the time we are ignorant about it . In fact given a thought isn’t it the Gift of God,which is so designed and structured by the Almighty that it functions by itself, without much of our participation. We don’t have to make the heart beat, make the liver all it’s complex chemistry or even have to try to breathe. Everything that is needed for our physical existence is happening by it’s own ,until we we spoil the whole function with our greed, temptation or even carelessness. We fill our belly with all junk food, we drink all sorts of junk liquid which swami Ramdeo terms as toilet cleaner and they really are as you can practically experiment with. We smoke packets of branded cigarettes and clog our arteries and lungs and die prematurely of heart attack ,asthma or lung diseases . We eat and enjoy dead food- the killed murgha or bakra or even cattle .Imagine the fear and pain and anger and despair that the animal must have died with and all must have poisoned the meat. No wonder Muslims who are totally Hallal ( brutally killed ) dead meat eaters, are most violent people on this earth. And they are the most poor under nourished and you will find most of the hospitals crowded with these I’ll people. Among the animals, fish, being one of d earlier forms of life upon this planet,have d easiest software code for our system to break and integrate into yourselves. If you must eat,by any compulsion or occasionally for a change non vegetarian food , d best would be fish. Firstly it is easily with very high nutritional values . Secondly it leaves the least amount of its imprint upon you ( unlike the Hallal meat ).That is d reason why Japanese and Bengalis and South Indians are most innovative, highly cultured and brainy people. The Western people do not eat Hallal and also their food is also composed of vegetarian and fruit dishes, they too are world’s most innovative and brainy people.For some compulsive reasons I will not write about Chinese. Buddhist have self development and Spiritual way of life and they are the most NonViolent people on this earth.All great Scientists and literary people, like our our most respected A P J , Dr Radhakrishnan, Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri, The great Mahatma Gandhi.Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Sir C V Raman,Bernard Shaw ,IanFleming , Martin Luther King ,Saint Mother Teresa to name a few, were all Vegetarians. My father was an Aryasamajist.He used today that if you prepare a dish of ‘Kankar’(soft limestone) with enough of pure Ghee and good spices, which you use in preparation of Roghan Josh- you will have the same taste as RoghanJosh prepared from the Bakra meat. you just chew andmasticate and enjoy the taste as Roghanjosh-you will get the same taste.After chewing throw them out as you throw the bone out after chewing it.Eat your Roti with the Shorwa of kankar as you do with mutton Shorwa, after throwing the bone out after chewing it. How true.The taste is actually in ghee and masala and not in the foul smelling dead meat.( To be continued afterwards