What are some of the two Common Stomach Diseases and their symptoms?

It is common knowledge that in order to have a healthy body, one must cultivate healthy habits. It is also essential to abstain from products like alcohol, tobacco, and other such addictive substances in order to lead a healthy life. However, gastroenterologists often mention that in spite of taking precautions in certain cases, stomach diseases may occur in an apparently healthy individual. Some of the common reasons for this are hereditary diseases, infections, and unhealthy eating habits. Consumption of junk food in excess can lead to obesity and this is the primary reason that leads to various stomach ailments and other health conditions. Hence, if you put aside hereditary causes, then by leading a healthy lifestyle which includes good eating habits and exercising regularly, you can prevent stomach diseases. However, in order to help you understand gastrointestinal problems better, some of the common stomach diseases, their causes, symptoms, and treatments have been explained below.

Understanding Stomach Diseases

Stomach diseases if left untreated can prove to be critical. Hence, if you have been suffering from intermittent stomach ache for some time, then it is advisable that you make an appointment with a reputed gastroenterologist at the earliest. A reputed gastroenterologist in Delhi mentioned that early detection of a stomach disease is essential in order to ensure full recovery of the patient. Take a look at some factors associated with common stomach diseases:

· Gastric Cancer: This is caused due to the formation of a malignant tumour in the patient’s stomach. It is often caused due to Gastric Adenoma, cigarette smoking, consumption of alcohol, and obesity. The common symptoms of Gastric cancer are unintended weight loss, vomiting, Anorexia, Hematemesis, and pain in the abdomen. Once the disease has been diagnosed with the help of Endoscopy, Ultrasonography, CECT and PET scans, the doctor will suggest a treatment. Usually, surgery is the only method of treating gastric cancer.

· Peptic Ulcer: Peptic ulcers are caused if the mucosa layer gets discontinued in the gastrointestinal tract. Usually, peptic ulcers are found in the stomach and duodenum. Like Gastric cancer, peptic ulcers are often caused due to smoking and unhealthy lifestyle. However, Hypercalcemia, Cirrhosis, NSAIDS, and renal failure too cause peptic ulcers. Some of the symptoms of peptic ulcer are radiating pain in the back, pain in the abdomen associated with the consumption of food and vomiting or black stool which is an indication of the ulcer bleeding. A peptic ulcer can be diagnosed with the help of a gastrointestinal endoscopy and biopsy. Once diagnosed, the doctor will prescribe medicines like Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI).

Thus, it is essential to adopt good habits and lead a healthy life in order to prevent stomach diseases. Also, it is crucial to consult a gastroenterologist at the earliest in case you have been suffering from abdominal pain. After that, strictly follow the advice of your gastroenterologist to prevent the disease from becoming all the more acute.

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