Drvr Ko Samet planning session great success.

The Drvr hackathon and planning session has been a great success. The core development team and CEO made the trip from our Bangkok HQ to the beautiful island of Ko Samet in the gulf of Thailand.

We passed through the outskirts of Pattaya and Rayon on the way down to the port of Ban Phe. One thing that was clear and immediately apparent is that Thailand is a major hub of manufacturing — we passed massive assembly plants for Suzuki, Toyota and others. For the Drvr team the presence of the auto industry in an important factor as to why we chose to base ourselves in Thailand (as is the beautiful natural surroundings).

We arrived at Ban Phe as night was falling. The speedboat trip over to the island saw us skimming and bumping across waves. The boat trip takes about 20 minutes and the view as the sun set over the waves was magical. After the sun went down the horizon was lit up by green lights from fishing boats it reminded me of scenes from Eric Rohmer’s Le Rayon Vert.

The first full day on Ko Samet saw a pretty intensive planning session. We discussed the pros and cons of different approaches, devices and routes to market. There was much vigorous debate and discussion about technology stack, different software tools and frameworks.

A key point of debate and discussion was BKIs recent launch of BKI Telematics http://www.bangkokinsurance.com/bkitelematics/index.php and whether UBI is a market we should be involved in — considering the very low margins attached to this business for both the TSP and insurer. We decided that considering the huge overlap and symbiosis with our fleet management work that we would offer an insurance product if a customer requested it.

For me one of the highlights was seeing the team really coming together. Hopefully some of you have been in a situation like what we had where it’s like there is some sort of magic in the air. You can feel the energy in the room — you walk out with a clear vision, a shared understanding and damned chuffed that you were part of it.

We also had time to explore the island on scooters, swim and kick back. We will do another off site around christmas time. If our followers have an suggestions for a venue then please let us know — we’re thinking Pai in northern Thailand or possible the Burmese islands in the Andaman sea. Final night was fun — some of us did feel a little bit like this dog below the next morning.

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