Pan Thailand Road Trip Leg 2 — Bangkok to Rayong via Pattaya

Bangkok to Rayong Total trip distance Distance 416KM

We join DRVR CEO on a trip to Rayong on the Eastern seaboard. Via sin city Pattaya.

Vehicle Honda Jazz— 2015 — Provider Hertz

GPS tracking device used — ATrack AX5C OBDii Dongle

ATrack AX5C

After some initial issues getting a GPS fix with this device performance overall was good. This is a fully featured device which offers connectivity to the vehicles, drvier behaviour monitoring and GPS tracking. DRVR has many of these devices deployed across our markets.

Telco Sim Provider — AIS— Rating based on coverage 9.5/10

AIS has the best coverage across the country. Service was excellent and once we were connected we had no issues with drop outs.

Music Play List:

The Lean Startup Audio book

Learning Thai Podcast

Thai Radio Stations

The Eastern seaboard is the industrial heart of Thailand. As we left Bangkok, passing the airport we passed many 100s of trucks on their way East. Around 40–50% of traffic on this route is commercial vehicles. Lots of Hilux, Mitsi L200/300 and of course many trucks.

Car Transporters

I counted around 30 fully laden car transports on the route. We too the Bangkok Chon Buri motorway on the way East and returned by the elevated motorway. Thai roads are not built in the Roman fashion, this motorway has a roller coaster feel to it. Lots of ups and downs.

The elevated motorway has a very dramatic end/start. Sadly we did not take a picture and could not find one online. But essentially a huge ramp juts into the sky and dramatically ends! As if money had just run out and it was decided to just down tools and walk off.

After an uneventful journey our first stop was the seedy seaside city of Pattaya. We stopped there for the night. We attended a presentation by Ipsos on the Indonesian and Thai automotive industries. Very interesting presentation which illustrates the strength of the automotive sector in the region.

David DRVR’s CEO is not much of a fan of Pattaya “smell like an open sewer, is that why the sea is brown?”.
The large presence of foreigners from all over the world does give the city a cosmopolitan feel somewhat like a 19c whaling port (smells similar too) in it’s heyday.
Walking Street

After a night out and with one of our party feeling decidedly seedier the next morning we headed off to Rayong — a short trip away. The whole area is littered with factories, industry and warehouses. There was an even heavier concentration of trucks than on the main motorway. Naturally google maps directed us to the wrong place.

After driving past a manned security checkpoint (being waved on because we were foreign then and ending up in the middle of the a PTT oil depot I decided to switch to HERE Maps. DRVR prefers to use Open Street Maps due to the better coverage and the fact that your streets are not sponsored by starbucks and a city is not brought to you by the makers of x.

The whole eastern seaboard is dotted with car factories. We intend to do a factory tour of the Toyota factory in a future trip.

Thailand dominates the region in the automotive sector.

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