Dr. Wade Wei Han is a product of Harvard Medical School, successfully completing his post graduate training in Otolaryngology. He is a double board certified surgeon, practicing in Florida since 1998. Presently, working with Florida Ear Nose Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery Center, specializing in Sinus and Allergy care, Hearing aids and Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, performed to correct structural problems with the nose that cause chronic congestion and breathing problems. Besides, it can be used to:-
1. Reduce or increase the size of the nose.
2. Change the shape of the lip or the nasal bridge.
3. Narrow the opening of the nostrils
4. Change the angle between the nose and the upper lip
5. Correct a birth defect or injury
6. Alter the tip of the nose

Performed under general or local anesthesia, it is technically and artistically a very challenging surgery. For the surgery to be a success, it is important for the doctor and the patient to understand each other, communicate simply and clearly about realistic expectations from the surgery. Quite often, even when the surgery is deemed a success, the patient feels let down, because of the unrealistic expectations. Therefore, it is important to understand, that the surgery helps the patient with reasonable enhancements and not perfection, as perceived by most patients. Pre-surgery fears and apprehensions are quite common and the doctor ensures that these are appropriately addressed by the professionally skilled staff at the hospital.
At the end of the day, reputation, skill and experience do not amount to much if the patient is not made to feel comfortable. Realistic expectations are important for a happy patient. The doctor is extremely sincere and dedicated to his profession and believes in educating his patients about the surgery. His honest approach has earned him the title of ‘Top Doctor Award”, ‘Patient’s Choice’ and ‘Most Compassionate Doctor’. Titles, that the doctor treasures.
The doctor is constantly upgrading his knowledge and technical skill by being a fellow to a number of academies’s associated with otolaryngology, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Rhino logic Society. He shares his profession experience and expertise with fellow surgeons by writing for a number of publications. He is also a recipient of honors and awards bestowed on him by the medical fraternity for his understanding and skill, in his area of specialization.

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