The Remain cause, and Lord Adonis
Owen Jones

What is surprising is that many people who are shrill about Brexit never campaigned in the the referendum because they thought Remain would win. I spoke to the electoral agent in Bristol South, and he said that he couldn’t get anyone to campaign, and that was true of the LibDems and Greens. Here, Remain won resoundingly, but is worth noting that in all the poor wards in Bristol South, Leave won, and with a wide margin. This was repeated across the country in many Labour constituencies. Some of the shrill, abusive and angry comments on twitter do not seem to have taken any of this on board at all. Indeed many of the them just repeat the same tone of Osborne’s campaign of Fear, which failed in the original referendum. Unless you can speak to these people, and those who voted Remain like me, and who think that the result of the referendum has to be respected, then #FBPE aren’t going to change anything.

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