3 Steps to Creating Powerful Affirmations

If you’ve read much online these days, you’re surrounded by information on positive thinking, life, business, health and financial advice, and opinions on just about every subject known to man.

It’s easy to get lost in the world of information out there, and likewise it’s easy to lose belief in yourself, your dreams, goals and unique characteristics when you inundate yourself with media, particularly news and world affairs.

What happens next is predictable…

People have lost so much connection with themselves, and their higher power, that they seek an outside-in approach for everything.”

In the seven areas of life, people are constantly searching for external solutions to internal problems. Whether it’s seeking dating or marriage advice from people that are no better off than you, health in the form of outside in (medicines or surgeries for otherwise correctable problems,) church goers that never take the time to actually read scripture, pray and truly connect with God, or constantly going to seminars or programs on building wealth yet never unlocking their driving values that create their financial hardships, people are led astray ultimately by one thing-their inability to believe in themselves and carry that belief forward in their daily actions.

So what to do?

Affirmations are a single way to focus your mind on exactly what your heart desires. Your heart always knows the truth. Affirmations provide the clarity and focus you need to exude your passion.

Following are 3 simple steps I use to create powerful affirmations that have changed my thinking, my beliefs, and ultimately my life.

1. Define what you want. Razor sharp precision here. Details. It’s been said that any detail left out is an obstacle let in. Define with clarity exactly what you want, when you want it, and with all the details, then write it down. While an affirmation can be general, it’s important to clarify first to detail, and then decide what to include or leave out as you construct your affirmation.
2. Act as if. When writing down your affirmation, we’re going to take what you want (in razor sharp clarity) and act as if you already have it. Write it (so you can speak it later) in present tense. I AM. I HAVE. This is critical to the affirmation activating the part of your brain that recognizes the event, thing or person as if it’s already there.
3. Write your affirmation as a statement and an example. Your mind works like a computer. Put in a prompt, give it a command, and it performs a function. It’s important when affirming that you not only state what it is that you want, in the present tense (as if you have it already) and also give an example.

Example affirmations:

I am a millionaire with a millionaire mindset.”
I am healthy, wealthy, wise and loved.”
I am a master of persistence, I do what it takes.”
I am an excellent husband, and I demonstrate my love daily to my wife.”
I am an excellent tri-athlete; I run, bike and swim with ease.”
I am constantly and effortlessly serving XX (amount) of clientele daily.”

These are a few examples that I use on a daily basis to overcome challenges and turn challenges into opportunity. I also use my purpose bands to remind myself daily to Inspire, Lead and Succeed. What works for you? I’d love to hear some of your affirmations and how this article helped you develop yours. Please share below, and if there’s someone that needs to read this, please forward to them or tweet them the article. Thanks for reading.