Deciding What to Do: A Must Read for Decision Making

In the past several days, I’ve had several conversations with family members, friends, coaching clients and patients about what to do. These range from job opportunities, to major life changes, to choosing majors in school and second careers after years in their chosen career.

And the advice given was surprisingly simple. Surprising, because not many people seem to be aware of how clouded they get in regards to their values and their decision making. Simple in the sense of…well, it couldn’t be simpler.

Remember this-your heart always knows what to do. Your mind gets in the way.

Your heart:

feels the right thing
takes immediate action
knows right from wrong (for you & others)
gives you feedback (feelings)
is always in the present
gives in abundance (think 2.5B beats per lifetime)

Your mind:

is conditioned from the time you were born
runs patterns of thought much like computer programs
wanders to the past (guilt) and to the future (anxiety)
focuses on lack
function depends on many factors-rest, nutrition, challenge, etc.
generates emotions based on internal and external factors, not necessarily truth

So the next time you’re making a decision, just remember, your heart always knows what to do.

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Dr. Jason Worrall is a Speaker, Healer and Teacher. He runs a successful Chiropractic practice in Los Angeles, as well as helping individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses expand their impact by focusing on their purpose through an online coaching community called PurposeRocks. He can be found on twitter and Facebook, as well as YouTube.