Edit Less, Live More

The thing about life is this…you either live it, moment by moment, present, and then moving forward….OR…you are constantly engulfed in yesterday, tomorrow, should have’s, hope so’s and there is always editing.

Not to say we don’t need thought, reflection and planning.

So here’s the key to editing less of your life and simply being present.

Stay inspired.

Motivation is like this…you always need it AND it’s not cheap. Not to mention time consuming- going to seminars, reading books, taking classes, having coaches, etc.

So does that make it a bad thing? Absolutely not. I go to many seminars, read books, take classes and have coaches. The difference is that I’m inspired.

Motivation comes from the meaning “inner or social stimulus for an action,” from the early 1900s. If you break the word apart, it simply means causing or making to move. While this can be inner directed, (ie. the thought that causes you to move) it is associated with an outward-in triggering of the Nervous System to get a response-moving you (motivating you) towards something.

Inspiration however is different. It takes on a different meaning. Inspiration comes from the root meaning “immediate influence of God or a god,” from the 1300s, or more modernly, “inspire, inflame, blow into.” It’s as if the ideas flow through you, not to you. Whatever you’re doing, when you’re inspired, it flows.

A fighter with his next punch, a pianist with her next piece, a pilot with his break neck reaction speed. You can see the word takes on a whole different sense, as when one is inspired, there is less editing, and more presence.

So if you want to stay inspired, here are a few tips:

1. Compliment others.

Find the good in them. You can’t give away something you don’t have on the inside. It’s there. Just act.

2. Move.

Whether it’s exercise, massage or Chiropractic (preferably all 3) your body needs to move. Daily. No need to get into the complex neurology of how the spine must move to stay healthy and balance your two (yes 2) Nervous Systems, just take my word for it (trust me, I’m a doctor ;-)

3. Gratitude.

There is nothing better than centering your heart in love, and no faster way to do that than gratitude for the very life and circumstances your’e in.

4. Find what you love to do and do it.

No matter how busy you are, doing what you love to do everyday inspires you. It puts you in touch with your spirit, your innate wisdom that tells you why you are here on earth. Start with a little bit and work up to having a career/life built around what you love to do.

I hope this helps you edit less and live more. You deserve it.

On Purpose,

Dr. Jason Worrall-#ThePurposeExpert

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