Just How Much …. Can You Stand?

Most people have a presupposed limit to abundance, wellness and good in their life.

You may know someone like this.

Think for a moment of the last time you had an injury, a problem, a pain, or an issue that persisted, and you stood with for a long time.

Then ask yourself the question:

“Just how much (…fill in the blank…) can I stand ?

You may find the answer interesting.

You may also find the answer to what’s been holding you back.

What you stand for, or what you don’t stand for, is often a result of your standards.

Take a look around your life, and you’ll see a plain and simple example of your standards.

Change your standards, change your life.

Decide what you will and will NOT stand for, and then write it down.

This is a BIG step towards creating the life of your dreams.

Here to keep you On Purpose,

Dr. Jason Worrall-#ThePurposeExpert