Move Through It, and You’ll Do Better

Often times in life we’re faced with various challenges, and it’s easy to stop whatever you’re doing and focus on the challenge at hand. That’s good and all, until you realize that stopping was the last thing you needed to do-taking your energy off of solving the challenge.

Many people justify their stopping, thinking, pondering and such, but the truth is that what they really want is to get through it.

I’ve found an interesting parallel in my profession, as a Chiropractor. I spend my days aligning spines and devote quite a bit of time to training docs how to correctly adjust the spine. What I notice with many docs is that they tend to adjust to the spine, not through the spine. Of course I mean that figuratively, but the analogy is powerful.

If your spine is subluxated (not moving properly) and I adjust you, I need to overcome the resistance of your vertebrae being stuck. It takes force, and it’s a quick thrust. Often times in life when we’re stuck, it takes force to move forward, and unstick ourselves.

We may find ourselves in a difficult situation financially, or in a difficult relationship, and if you don’t make calculated but powerful adjustments you’re likely to stay stuck.

Whether you’re a Chiro that’s enhancing your adjusting skill, or a person going through a hard time, remember to move through it, not just to it. For the mind-that means take action and get the result, instead of too much thinking. All the thinking in the world is great, but it’s the result you’re really after. For the Chiro performing their adjustments, move through the joint, with the intention and energy to release that subluxation. You’ll have a smoother adjustment and your patient will have a better experience.

Note: The word subluxation refers to a spinal misalignment, however broken down it means:

SUB(less than)|LUX(light)|ATION(state of being)

A state of less than normal light.

Dr. Jason Worrall, D.C.

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