If you’ve ever struggled with anything, you probably have a certain degree of understanding that it takes PUSH to move through things. While “push” can be defined as “force, advance, attack, drive, exert or offensive,” and those things may sound appealing…

the word push fundamentally means that something is moving away from you.

PULL on the other hand can be defined as “move towards self, draw towards, moving steadily in a specified direction, or course of action.” While I definitely agree that there are times to PUSH and times to PULL, you may have realized that pushing only gets you so far.

Pushing requires energy, where pulling implies it’s being drawn towards you.

This post is not about the law of attraction, and waiting by your mailbox for a check. This post is however, about aligning yourself with your Purpose, which naturally pulls the people, places, ideas and resources you need towards you, so that you can PUSH your idea out into the Universe with much more ease and support.

So how do you PUSH and PULL, rather than using just one or the other?

It all starts with energy, and understanding what energy is really is. The Higgs field is an energy field that exists all around the Universe. Through energy, everything and everyone are related, and can and do affect eachother. When you begin to realize that being energy we have a vibration, you may then also realize that we can vibrate at different frequencies, high or low.

When we are doing what we love and loving what we do, we vibrate in the frequency of love, purpose and health, which are the highest and fastest vibrations that exist. This the reason that we say a healthy pregnant woman is glowing (not just from the progesterone) or that someone has radiant energy. People that are actualized, and doing what they love, and in the process loving themselves, are giving off a light, or a high energy.

When you do this, you magnetically draw towards you others (things and people) that share this same energy, because you’re all connected in the same field at the same vibration. In the process, you’ll find that the support you seek to PUSH your idea out will allow it to fly out faster than you’ve ever imagined.

And lastly, in order to stay in state of flow, having things pulled towards you so that you can PUSH, remember this-emotions are the most common way that you’ll get out of PULL mode and into PUSH mode. When we’re in line, balanced and centered in our heart, we naturally flow. Remember to ask quality questions when you feel out of balance, which if done correctly will re-align your mind.

Dr. Jason Worrall-#ThePurposeExpert