Why You’re Not Supposed to Suffer

Perhaps we’ve all heard the saying, “pain is temporary,” followed by a few more words, to inspire you to stick through whatever challenges you face. But for many, pain is not temporary. In fact, I’m betting that unless you’ve been through some serious challenges and been able to pull yourself through, you may find it helpful to realize that you’re not supposed to suffer. Life is not intended that way.

Throughout my years, both in youth and adulthood, I’ve had some pretty big challenges. I’m sure you have too. That’s what makes us human and this relevant for you. My challenges are hardly what defines me though; it’s the amount of time I’ve stayed challenged, or down, and suffering, before turning my situation around for the better, that has defined me and made all the difference. And this has everything to do with my perspective and my view on life.

I know that I’m not supposed to suffer. It’s not my natural state. And it’s not yours either.

You see, you are not your challenges. Nor are you supposed to stay in your challenges. Yet so many people do, and they don’t just stay there, they party there, they marry there, they work there. And so they suffer.

So if you’ve been suffering and dealing with something unpleasant for a prolonged period, something is not changing, and it likely begins with you. Make the change. Be the change. Acknowledge that you’re here to thrive, not suffer.

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