Why is DRx Building on GateChain? 🤔👀🔨

3 min readApr 6, 2022


The DRX vision is to build a fun, friendly, and user-first DEX and DeFi ecosystem that anyone can use. Let’s explore why we have decided to built it on GateChain! ✊

What is GateChain?

GateChain is a next generation public blockchain, with a leading network, blazing speed, and strong security components.

It has been built as a truly decentralized chain, that combines high throughput (2000+ TPS) with low gas fees, innovative components like the Vault Account, and a very attractive community.

GateChain x Gate.io

GateChain has been created and supported by the top ecosystem of Gate.io, one of the biggest crypto trading platforms in the world.

At the time of writing this, it’s ranked #7 of all crypto exchanges by CoinGecko:

Also appears regularly on top of the weekly customers rankings (CMC):

Gate.io was also ranked #10 IEO platform by ROI by CryptoRank:

Gate has built a big reputation as a trustable and reliable crypto exchange, with a real community & real volume.

Why Did DRx Choose GateChain?

There are many reasons why we are building on GateChain:

  • We want interoperability to be front and center, and GateChain is building strong cross-chain applications and components.
  • We believe DeFi and NFTs do not belong to only one chain, and GateChain gives us a lot of accessibility for new users.
  • GateChain is fast and reliable (2000+ TPS, low fees), with 1 second block and instant block finality.
  • Both GateChain and Gate.io are always looking to improve their security offerings, which is something crucial for us.
  • They have a big focus on the prevention of asset theft and private key loss, which are very annoying problems to face in the crypto space.
  • GateChain has an exclusive 100+ developer team thanks to Gate.
  • They are making use of their industry advantage and influence (Gate) to promote the GT ecosystem, which is very helpful to attract new projects and grow together.

GateChain is perfect for what we are trying to accomplish. It’s not possible to have fun DeFi with crazy gas fees, or low transaction throughput.

DRX is a very innovative project, and GateChain offers us a great white canvas that we can use in many different ways.

Also, building and expanding a DEX without support is a very hard task. With GateChain we have the opportunity of working directly with the team developing the network.

DRX x GateChain Partnership

We are very excited about the official grant we have received from GateChain! Their support will accelerate crypto adoption and we will be able to expand the DRX ecosystem very fast 🚀🚀

We want to take GateChain and DeFi to new heights of what is possible! Let’s make DeFi fun again! 😝

About DRx

DRX is the first interoperable LaunchPad + decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by GateChain.

We want to make DeFi fun again, with a friendly and user-first DEX & DeFi ecosystem that anyone can use.

Welcome to the complete DeFi Suite: swap, farming, bridge, launchpad, and more. Pools with crazy APYs, special features, opening up assets across the crypto world…

The fun is just starting!

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DRx has your DeFi fix on Gatechain! 😛💊👨🏻‍⚕️🍄