dispatches from dry creek

weekly-written gifts from the garden

welcome to the jungle, I mean…the farm

Our delightful row crops are grown right off of Dry Creek Road! In the ground now are basil plants, cannellini beans, cucumbers, eggplants, garbanzo beans, kale, kaleidoscope carrots, lettuce, peppers, summer savory, sunflowers, tomatoes, and more!

Our happy plants are providing us with a lot of great food right now! We are serving our garden lettuce and ripe heirloom tomatoes on our sandwiches, which makes us and our guests gleeful! Taste the local flavors at DCGS!

I realized today that there is a great use for spent (flowering) lettuce and kale plants! After I pulled them up, I was admiring their beauty and thought they would make a beautiful bouquet. I brought them home with the roots on (and dirt) and put them in a small cooler. Voila! That is it! Even better, they will continue to grow and flower and I will save seeds from them. It’s more practical than using them just for decorative purposes!

Have a great week! See you soon!

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