His Flowers Don’t Bloom

Look into his roots, because his flowers don’t tell his truth. Because before he can grow with you his stem must let loose.

You see, he is so grounded in who he is that he doesn’t want to explore a greener grass, and he doesn’t want your water. He’d rather be dry by himself than be fulfilled with you.

He provided you with nothing but rain, and still you stayed because you thought your light would shine like the sun over a dark cloud. But instead, he brought the storm to your calm.

And you let him!

And even though he changes like the seasons on an unsuspecting rotation,You still begged his roots to let you in.

His actions proved that he just wanted your water and in return he left you dry.

Although you knew the outcome, you gave yourself to him anyway. Finally, you realized that his flowers were beautiful but both his flowers and his soul were disconnected from his roots.

Determined to see the beauty in his pain that you only hurt yourself. Now you’re left with no other choice but to let go.

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