Why can we still not shower with our phones in 2023? (And what to do about it)

3 min readApr 16


You could argue that using phones in the shower is a very unheard-of idea. Maybe you even wonder: “My electronic device? In a humid, wet place? Mmm.. no thanks. I know my phone may be water resistant, but it surely isn’t waterPROOF”. And you’re right! Ever since we were first enlightened and amazed by the futuristic device called a mobile phone (The glory days of the chunky Motorola, if you remember those), we never believed we’d get to even expose them to rain, let alone use them inside the shower.

You see, in order to reap the benefits of showering with your phone, we must ask: why aren’t modern mobile phones waterproof already? Isn’t it time for them to be? Well, getting their phones to be more waterproof is constantly at the forefront of manufacturers’ fields. This is realized to pose a challenge even for the most advanced manufacturers out there, as they continuously work with special companies towards solutions such as nanocoating and other shticks, yet as of today, mobile phones don’t seem to uphold even near maximum IP ratings (Ingress Protection ratings are a way to measure device resistance against solids and liquids. To learn more about IP ratings, visit iec.ch/ip-ratings).

It’s important to remember that the process of making phones water resistant is no easy matter: typically, the first protection practice is to form a physical barrier around all entry points where water could enter, yet these opening points conflict with the idea of a phone being fully waterproof, as the protection that is set, stated by manufacturers, will decrease with time as components age and deteriorate.

As unfortunate as it is, we simply can’t be comfortable submerging our cellulars in liquids just yet, and are left to live a life of entertainment-less showers… or so we believed. From now onwards, the all-new Drypal phone case will allow you to bring your phone with you inside the shower. Being water resistant and moisture guarding, the Drypal can make your shower dreams come true! But make no mistake: even the Drypal case cannot guarantee total waterproofing due to the product’s nature of having to be easily opened and closed, although using it in the instructed manner, which is on the wall (where its back is not directly exposed to water), could ensure better and safer use. Oh! and how’s the Drypal different from the generic plastic water resistant phone case? For the main points:

A plastic water resistant case facing off the Drypal in a battle arena
  • Improved touch response — unlike a plastic water resistant case, where sometimes touching the screen would work and sometimes wouldn’t, Drypal’s protective screen provides an improved screen touch detection.
  • Ease of use — Instead of having to be worried about how tightly closed the opening of the plastic phone case is, the Drypal offers a seamless, and hassle-free experience, where you easily open the hatch, and close it after you’ve placed your phone inside.
    That’s it! You’re ready to start using your phone in a matter of seconds.
  • Sound quality — The sound quality doesn’t take as big of a hit as when the phone is inside a plastic water resistant case, where you could barely hear any sound that comes out of it.
  • Mount — The Drypal is equipped with a mount that holds the phone constantly up in front of you, so you could watch a show while shampooing, and washing your body! Unlike the plastic water resistant case that sometimes has a necklace for hanging but that’s about it.

To sum this up, we still have a long way to go until waterproof phones will become something we could call “legit”, so until manufacturers noticeably step up their waterproofing game- Drypal’s your best bet when it comes to properly enjoying your showers.




Say goodbye to boring showers.