All about Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla

Dr. Yusuf A. Matcheswalla one of the well-renowned psychiatrists in Mumbai was born on 4th August 1958. He is MD (Psychiatry & Forensic), FIPS, DPM, FAPA professor of Psychiatry Grant medical college. The knowledgeable professional practices from the private clinic at Masina hospital from 9.00 A.M. to 9.00 P.M. He then serves at Sir J.J. Hospital and G.T. Hospital between 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon. The doctor is inclined towards organizing and participation in conferences, medical education and seminars held both in and out of Mumbai. He believes that these seminars or conferences can really help transfer of knowledge and facilitates every professional doctor to deliver best health and medical services to patients.

Treatment for patients
At Masina hospital, the doctor is serving patients with EEG Laboratory, dedicated ambulance service and also emergency helpline which is available to serve the patients any time during the day. Apart from this Masina is also offering following services to patients;

A. Multi-dimensional counselling center is based at Masina
B. Institute of Psychotherapy and behavioral sciences 
C. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation facility, the very first is also offered at Mumbai in the Masina hospital.

Rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addicts have also been established to help patients recover who are suffering from both the addictions. Along with this, there is another happy mind counselling center at Jerbaug, Byulla which has been incorporated to meet the needs of corporate clients. Herein corporate clients can come forth and put forth their expectations from the center. Based on their requirements or expectations counselling sessions are held for group of people helping them live a much better and happy life.

Specialization of the learned professional
Dr. Yusuf Matcheswalla, the professional doctor holds competence in various fields which includes Psychiatric problems like Bi-polar disorder, depressive disorders, addiction disorders, children and adolescents problem and genetic problems. Thus he is competent of treating individuals against entire plethora of psychiatric problems no matter if they have major or minor impact on individuals.

Membership and associations
The renowned name in the industry is the founder chairman of Humanity health organization and Dilaasa trust. Both the organisations are working for the benefit of marginalised section of the society. This way the neglected section is able to approach for help and lead a better life. Along with his membership with the NGO, Yusuf Matcheswalla is also associated with associations like Indian Psychiatric society, Bombay Psychiatric society, Indian medical association, Indian association of occupational health, Association of Industrial psychology etc.

Interests of the knowledgeable doctor
Apart from being a learned professional in his field, Dr. Matcheswalla is also a spiritual person. Due to his sense of spirituality he treats every patient like his own family member and gives them immense love and care. Moreover, every patient’s case is dealt with utmost patience such that resolution for the same can be derived to give patient a good and happy life. He encourages complete humility in his profession, and this is one of the major reasons patients are able to place reliance on the psychiatric doctors.