To begin with, CPR is one of those skills I was, indeed, taught to use. At the end of my final, sixth year of undergradute medical education we had several lengthy CPR practice sessions that led to an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) administered by the federal government. Although we did not obtain BLS certification, which is common for many medical schools worldwide, it is just a local issue.

By contrast, after working as a physician for four years now and in the course of my current studying for the USMLE, I can see that at least three critical skills…

Crude Conversion

The crude conversion method is:

  1. Take degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Subtract thirty.
  3. Divide by two.
  4. Now you have degrees Celsius plus–minus several degrees.

Vice versa for reverse Celsius-to-Fahrenheit conversion:

  1. Take degrees Celsius.
  2. Multiply by two.
  3. Add thirty.
  4. Now you have degrees Fahrenheit plus–minus several degrees.

The crude method is imprecise with error as high as a dozen degrees at extreme outdoor temperatures.

Precise Conversion

The method outlined below is only slightly computationally heavier than the crude one but has the precision range of around one degree.

⚠️ So here goes a warning: The method below is generally unsuitable for body temperatures. For body temperatures…

⚠️ No real pirated content of any sort in this article! The title is just for fun. I absolutely do not endorse nor engage in sharing actual USMLE® content. This is illegal and could result in your being banned from taking the exam forever.

What Are Communication Items?

Communication skills are listed in the official USMLE Task/Competencies PDF (wherever possible, I used the latest 2021 version of any document mentioned throughout this article). At the same time, communication-related topics are a part of the Social Sciences section of the official USMLE Content Outline (PDF).

If we have a look at the USMLE official content…

When you’ve already become a physician once, and more: have started your medical career, but eventually you realize you want to move to another country, then I’m telling you: You got yourself a problem.

If it is the United States that you want to move to, then, essentially, all you have to do is confirming your medical diploma and practice certificates with ECFMG and passing the USMLE exams. Afterwards you will be able to apply for a residency position along with the graduates of U.S. medical schools. Why so serious then?

Pavel Zhelnov

A physician, evidence synthesis researcher, and medical translator from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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