Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence brings a lot of conveniences and help to our lives, and it allows us to enjoy life more comfortably in modern society. However, humans have been worried about artificial intelligence for a long time, fearing that humans will be replaced by their exquisite manual technology and developed wisdom. If artificial intelligence begins to resist us, it can be said that no one can rival it. This makes people can’t help thinking about the good or bad of artificial intelligence.

Many famous film directors have expressed this reflection and worry in their own masterpieces. Such as the villains that have appeared in Marvel’s comics and the film <The Avengers>. Ultron is the villain in that film, as one of the symbols of artificial intelligence who began to attack humans. In the film, the original purpose of the creation of Ultron was to fight for peace. But he mistakenly believed that to get a peaceful world, he must destroy the Avengers and humans at first. So he looked for partners to help him and stealing the soul gems and escape. Fortunately, he was stopped in time and he was killed at last. The argument put forward in the movie is very worthy of our thinking: If artificial intelligence really has the ability to think and decides that we should be killed and starts attacking us, what should we do? …

If you are interested in science and technology, robots and science fiction movies, then these nouns will surely be familiar to you. For example, Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robots”, cybernetics and anti-cybernetics, consciousness transplant, artificial intelligence and so on.

It is true that human beings have never stopped exploring the mysteries of life. …

The movie “AI”, I never knew that movies about robots could be so tearful and deep.

A good work of art can be analyzed at many levels, and so can this one. Whether from the relationship between human and robot, the relationship between love and being loved, the exclusiveness and non-reproducibility of emotions, or from the level of illusion and reality, present and future, we can have a certain depth of interpretation of the film.

David was destined to love Monica only, and never had real happiness in his life. It’s not a love movie, but I feel it unexpectedly. What a desperate love it is. This kind of love reminds me of the suffocating sadness and despair of the bitter and lonely lover in countless human love tragedies when he cannot get the love of the beloved. However, love cannot be begged, even if the tears run out, even if it is a lifetime of waiting, even if it is frozen for two thousand years. Finally, thanks to the advanced robots that will dominate the planet in the future, David will have a short day of happiness. …

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