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Love this article! since i also watch a lot bball, i always think about moves that we see all the time, to varying degrees of effectiveness. a few more to add:

jabari fast break — Tier 3 or 4. it seems every time jabaris sprinting the ball up in transition, it looks like hes going wayy too fast that me might seriously injure himself if he landed wrong. but then he ends up getting a layup or a nasty dunk.

james harden’s 3 most used moves are pretty much all level 5. you know that whats coming is going to be one of 3 moves: eurostep, stepback, or the extend-o-arms drive. but then add his killer crossover as a move/counter move, he’s impossible to guard even though you know whats coming.

-CP3 shamgod move, usually on a big after a pick and roll. level 4 or 5. always feel so bad for the big who never stood a chance:

-KD pull up transition 3, proably tier 3 or 4. i think he’s the best in the league at it, mainly cause its an unguardable shot. your not gonna block that shot, you just hope he misses.

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