A blind date in business class

Quick question — What was the “old guy’s” name? I guess flying the English national carrier, you do as the Romans do and be very “British” about it (see what I did there?) and carry on with the veneer of civility protected by a stiff upper lip demeanour (ref: the cookie packet story), but surely a hand extended in friendship and an introduction followed by a laugh about the situation could have made the rest of the flight a pleasure… Nay, an enjoyable little ‘secret’ jest between the two of you?

What is the dude turned out to be Maurizio Arrivabene’s brother or similar? Think of the opportunities that could have opened up for someone interested in race cars? I’ve had many charming encounters in aircraft — business AND economy. Granted most of them I never talk to the person once we deplane, but they have all added to my life in some degree.

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