Is your company really only doing $45,000 per month?
Josh Pigford

Thanks for your transparency Josh. FWIW, if MY SaaS app was doing $45K per month, I would be ecstatic and consider that ‘crushing it’. What I would like to ask you though, is why when bringing in that sort of income, you say that you still have not reached profitability yet? I assumed you were a small company with around 10 employees? Am I off the mark? I am assuming that the largest part of your expenses are wages?

In terms of percentages, what is the ratio of your expenses for major outgoings (e.g. wages x%, server costs y%, office lease z% etc.). I’m just interested to see a benchmark to compare my own operations against to see if we have the same percentages of outgoings. I would always hope that $45K/mo would see me with comfortable profitability, but I am unsure if I haven’t factored in a cost that I haven’t planned for yet.

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