Best Buy vs. The Apple Store
Jason Fried

The last time I was in an Apple store, I was browsing around the accessories when I noticed a large group of school kids gathering outside the main doors — obviously on a school excursion to the store. I noticed they were all made to change into the same colour Apple t-shirts as the store employees (while still on the street), then were marched into the store while every single employee cheered them on loudly.

The kids were then marched around the periphery of the store (to accompanied wild cheering by the staff), before being taken to a corner where a male staff member stood on a podium and gave quite an evangelical speech to them.

Now, I am a big fan of Apple products, but I quickly left the store with an overriding creepy feeling that I had just escaped a cult recruitment drive, and I’ve never been back to a store since. Nowadays I just buy my Apple stuff online. ;)

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