Fasten your Seatbelt: A New Chapter for Bluesmart

Today we are very happy to announce the closing of a new round of funding for Bluesmart, from an amazing group of global investors who believe in our vision of bringing transformative innovation to the travel world. This funding will allow us to continue with our next stage of development at Bluesmart bringing new innovative travel products into the world, and continuing to expand our market presence, building a global brand.

We are also excited to share also that my Co-founder Tomi Pierucci is taking the role of CEO and I’m taking the role of Executive Chairman of the Board. Working together with Tomi these last 3 years, as we started and grew this little idea into a growing international company touching tens of thousands of lives, has been a true honor, a blessing and a lot of fun. Tomi is an unstoppable force of nature — as anyone who knows him can attest — and I couldn’t be more excited to have him lead this project to its next stage of development going forward. We are also welcoming three amazing new Board Members and a new CFO to the company, who will bring their vast experience into the table to help us build a long-lasting sustainable enterprise that can bring endless innovation and value to the world.

These last three years of building this company have been an incredible adventure of learning and growth, but has not been except of big challenges and insurmountable adversities. The entrepreneurial journey is indeed a hero’s journey and near death experiences are inevitable parts of the story. I’m incredibly proud of our team for living up to our values — persistence, determination, humbleness, integrity — in the face of these adversities. It’s through these values that we will be able to create value in the world, and is this what makes me incredibly hopeful and excited about our prospects.

You can expect this year to see new exciting products coming from our end as well as an expanded market presence worldwide. Our team will continue to grow bringing onboard talented people passionate about creating innovation to help people travel more. Stay tuned also for other exciting news from our side this year. I want to personally thank everyone who believed in this project and supported us through good and bad times. Bluesmart is stronger than ever today because of each one of you. Now, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to take off again. Onwards!