Data skills for the average Software Engineer

Search & Filtering

  • All French-speaking consultants with USAID experience in Uganda
  • All education projects funded by the World Bank in South East Asia

Metrics & Statistics

  • Amount of daily posted jobs over the last month
  • Average error rate of “REST-API version 3”


One Technique: Collaborative Filtering

  • News articles that were read by users with similar reading behavior
  • Jobs that were viewed by similar groups of people

Another one: Similarity

  • News articles that talk about similar topics
  • Jobs that have a similar description and the same location


  • Assign a sector to a project based on the project’s data
  • Label user created content as spam or not-spam (classification)

Entity Extraction

  • Extract the relevant locations from a project description
  • Extract mentioned donors from a news article


  • How likely is a user to sign up considering his recent activity?
  • How many applications will a job get?

 by the author.

Software Engineer

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Daniel Sager

Daniel Sager

Software Engineer

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