Lucia’s Revenge

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Lucia was born the daughter
of a Spanish beauty in San Juan
and a drunken coward of a man
who left to pursue his cons.

Mom slung drinks at the local port
Taking home tips for her family to feed
She was a wild one, though did her best
But enjoyed the taste of the badder seed.

One night Mom home a Yank
A violent man whose lust just raged
Lucia witnessed his terrible abuse
And resolved that war she would wage

The years passed and her beauty grew
While she plotted revenge,
Tracked that man and made her plan
Her mother’s rape she would avenge

She found him living in a railroad town
Now a cattle rustler and thief
So she approached and enchanted this thug
Teased his need and offered relief

But at his home Lucia teased him
Taunted and made his balls blue
Then challenged his manhood
While his frustration grew

She demanded he prove himself
and rob the Wells Fargo train
Prove your love me! She cried
And promised her body without restraint

So he loaded his holster
And mounted his fastest steed
To pursue and rob that train
Prove his courage and sate his need

That day he killed ten
And brought that big train to a halt
Broke through its defenses
And emptied its vault

He rode home with speed
To plunge his wet, sultry prize
His manhood now proven
There was fire in his eyes

As he unloaded his cash
She welcomed him in black
Then pulled our her rifle
And shot him in the back

“Do you remember San Juan?”
She stepped hard on his head
“This money’s payment for Mom!”
As she spat and kicked him ’til dead

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