Tea, Bread, & Netflix

My weekends used to be spent lying in bed with my girlfriend nursing my hangovers or just passed out in the bathroom floor cursing the creation of alcohol. Now, and I can guess it’s because I’ve grown older, I spend my weekends cuddling with my girlfriend at home, drinking tea, eating warm croissants and cheese bread, and watching Orange is the New Black.

I used to party all night, get alcohol poisoning, make horrible decisions (this includes a couple times I made out with men), and just not give a fuck about my health, most especially my liver. Well, being in Palau, you don’t have that much options in partying. I absolutely hate the locally owned bars because they play loud local music and I’m just too young and hip for that (I’m joking). I love to cha-cha and all, but I enjoy soft and easy listening types of music. I want to just sip on my stereotype-infused-cocktail-lady drink and listen to jazz or maybe something with kalimbas (finger instrument?). Sitting at a hot bar with creepy old uncles and aunts isn’t really my thing.

I wish I could spend everyday this way: tea, bread, & a lesbian-related Netflix series with uncensored scenes of nudity and lesbian lovemaking. Interesting, really. Maybe my sapphic obsession is a bit much, but I’m proud to be a lesbian and I sure love everything lesbian. Go lesbians!

On a lighter topic, the first word of the title, which is tea, is the bees knees (what does that saying even mean anyway?). Tea: is an aromatic beverage made from the leaves of different herbs and/or plants that give super powers to mortals that believe to possess extreme intelligence. Those who consume this drink are known to be old, bookworms, British, Oriental, and most likely, Hipster. Now, you see, hipsters are all the rage these days. I consider myself to be a hipster, but then that is a very un-Hipster thing to do. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean, but I’ve read like a billion articles on “How to be a Hipster” and the first step is, “Hipsters never admit or say that they’re hipster.”. So, yeah, maybe I don’t fit the suspenders and I don’t carry things that make me look like a time traveler, but still. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, tea is the absolute most mystical thing in the universe. I first discovered tea when I was really young. My grandmother would always put the kettle on, turn on the television and sit on her seat and sew while she waits for the kettle. I always found her company relaxing and I loved to just sit and watch her stitch and thread and all those things that old people do with needles and such. Hours and hours of just telling stories of my father’s childhood over tea and bread. Maybe it became a habit.

With all of that, that is my story. Just ranting on about how my weekends used to be and how they are now. I’m looking forward to this weekend. Dammit. It’s only Wednesday. Sigh. Oh well.