10 Years Later…Living with a G.

(A Birthday Tribute)

When I think of you…I smile inside and out. I think about the complexity in your thoughts, translating into the way you move each day…calculated and purpose-filled, intention with each step you take. You’re mysteriously quiet most of the time, and if at first your plans don’t make sense, the connection we have between us allows me to see things the way you see them…then I understand…even when we argue…it turns out that we’re saying the same thing but using different verbs to express the points we are making at each other…MARS verses VENUS strikes us once again…and still I adore you.

If I’m being totally open and honest about how I feel…I have to say that, that I love everything about you, even when you tap dance on that nerve inside of my mind that pushes that button labeled: “Why you gotta be that way?!” yet after 10 years of living with you and loving you I know, it’s just a thing, and we will always return to love…because when we come together, we’re in sync and it’s magic… I truly believe it.

When we first met…our beginnings weren’t the best…I think of it as the first movement in our ‘Concerto of Love’ where we needed to see what each other’s limits were…In the midst of this great thing(movement 10 of a lifetime)all I can do is give thanks to the Most High and the Universe for allowing us to continue to be together…we both have grown so much as ‘us’, proof to me that they knew what they were doing…as usual. While it’s taken us a while to get to the point where we are…there is NO ONE else who can be to me what you have been and what you are…like we are puzzle pieces, fit to be whole. Then as we continue to move through life, evolving together, we willingly pray for each other, making careful considerations for our future…knowingly building for forever…that is a blessing in itself.

My prayer for you…on this special day of birth, is that we can expand our tribe…and that you continue to talk to me about anything and everything…that you know you can always share your secrets with me…And that we will always have loving debates about that fate-filled day when you met me (or when I met you-depending upon who tells the tale…). May we continue that journey you said you wanted to take, with my hand in yours, supporting each other, you leading the way… and I pray that you always know how proud I am of the man that you have become, from 26 years you were then to the 37 years you are now.

Though we’ve had some delay in that inevitable march to a ‘State certified’ commitment…you should know that I’ve never been more ready to have my last name match yours. I’ve practiced my signature dozens of times, believe me, once it’s done, I will wear it well. I can hear myself now, correcting anyone that will mispronounce, saying, “That’s Mrs. Ghee, like the letter ‘G’…” my voice will be drenched with absolute pride.

You’ve become one of my personal heroes, a man who, in spite all odds, has accomplished so much more than many expected from you…tapping into talents you’ve held back for so long…I cannot wait to see your star shine! You are everything to me when I need you to be, and even when I don’t ask you, you give me honesty, I will forever be grateful…I couldn’t have asked for a better man to love me than you.

So, it’s 10 years in…a fur kid…a house and much more to come… I look forward to waking in the morning to your face, then going to sleep with the very same…Happy Birthday Tim(My Hun Bun), Cheers to you, and to many, many more good vibes and successes!

Peace and Light, Des